All Set

Fido went out just before three and then wanted to come back in again at half-four just before it was time to get up. I was awake anyway so it didn’t matter.

The Early Walk proceeded according to tradition including a quick chat to Kostas who appeared to be doing well with his salt collection. Indeed, I saw his little car on the back of a transporter as I was going up the mountain later.

I rescued the cable from the MeterCam by means of a hose and some water as suggested by Michalis. The cable had been buried under some scalpings put down to provide a firm base. The operation involved significant spattering so I had to clean my glasses and my face.

A surprised man found Isabella and then Sasha peering at him as he lay on Alonaki Beach just before eight. I’d not seen him although I wasn’t expecting someone flat out on the beach at that time of day.

I went backwards today, missing out the section which passes the port and the ferry terminal. I stopped at the bakery for bread, the pharmacy to pick up some vaccines for Sascha and her former companion and then the electrician to find a circuit tester. The first two were successful the latter was not what I wanted and the other electrician was closed.

I went up to Panorama from the Chania Road and then up the mountain. I had ice for the vaccine so no hurry to get back. There was an easterly wind so it was easier going up the mountain.

I had some wandering to do with meters as some vans were leaving. Despite the no vans on the seafront policity, Gabi and Manfred have now moved their enormous van back there and there is a small Italian van there just for one night. I suppose one might claim that it’s good to be flexible or something like that. It makes life more interesting for the person attempting to enforce the policy and causes resentment from those who have moved to less desirable locations because of the policy. Maria was a little frustrated due to the change and had struggled to get Michaelis to cut back some of the trees in order to get vans into the top of the camping.

Michaelis was busy erecting hire tents and, so far, the nearest to me is at a respectable distance from my northerly boundary. The forecasted rain for today has been reduced to a very small percentage with almost no volume. That said, tomorrow’s probability has risen but on 1mm of precipitation is forecast.

I happened to be passing by the kitchen when Georgia was at the hatch. She decided what I would like which included some stuffed zucchini flowers prepared by Martha as well as some halva. I ended up with a large bowl of peas and potatoes which was very filling and pleasant.

Cooler with some cloudiness earlier but generally sunny and warm. Only another eleven days until the solstice.


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