It Rained!

Fido got me up at three, went outside, turned around and came back inside again. Fortunately for him, I was still half asleep so my toe didn’t connect directly with his bottom! I’m going to take his little watch away from him tonight.

It was a lot cooler and there was a stiff westerly breeze which had a distinctly chilly feel. At least the mosquitoes were taking a back seat.

We met up with Kostas who has been reunited with his little Suzuki which is a little more practical for the carriage of salt than is motorbike. At one point, many moons ago, he used to transport his bags of salt on a small motorbike as far as the kantina and then pick it up from there in his car.

It seemed a little warmer when Sasha, Isabella and I came out again however Isabella didn’t fancy parting with her ball so I carted the thrower around for nothing. It meant I was able to carry some rubbish back to the bins.

I went up the mountain and around Paleochora stopping at the bakers to buy some sandwiches for Bona. She didn’t ask for a pie as she says they’re too fattening.

Maria called me to the reception where I became involved in meters and tills. I couldn’t find the WiFi adaptor for the till and have a feeling it’s either been eaten by Sasha or used elsewhere. In any event, I couldn’t find it despite an intensive search. I gave Maria a slap on the wrist for interrupting me whilst I was talking to a customer. She apologised unreservedly.

I eventually withdrew from the reception to play with the air conditioner in the mini market which I discovered has WiFi connectivity. Very handy for checking they are turned off and seeing the settings. Unfortunately, there are only two, one in the Mini Market the other in the laundry room.

I played with CCTV cameras to try to sort something out for the vending machine area as this is of particular concern.

My meal today was gemista which was very pleasant. I should have gone to the kitchen earlier as they were a bit busy so I felt a little guilty adding to their problems.

There was a heavy shower later in the afternoon which deposited 3mm of water on the happy campers and effectively reduced the temperature considerably.

The camping is quite busy as all accommodation is booked including a number of rental tents. The ones close to me have been positioned at a respectable distance although Oskar has been a little too barky for my liking and there has been a general air of excitement


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