Sascha and Steffi

He really did need to go out as I watched him wee which was his priority activity. Fortunately, he was quickly back inside so I could resume my slumbers.

Despite being a Public Holiday, we were out walking across the field at five with only a sprinkling of FreeLoaders on the beach road. Other than a couple sitting quietly on the shingle taking in the first light of day, there was no one about. Only Sasha shattered the peaceful morning with some yapping until I persuaded her otherwise.

A dog was defending its master’s van agains a pack of marauding dogs on the beach although he seemed to have lost interest as we walked back. Perhaps it was the flashing lights which upset him earlier.

Obi had been noticeable by his absence however managed to appear shortly after our return to the van. I then involved myself with excitements including cat feeding and poo picking. Just the activity for first thing in the morning.

I walked the crazy twins then went over the mountain and around Paleochora via Anatoli. I’ve been designated Bona’s PPS (Personal Pastry Shopper) so was commissioned to purchase two spinach pies and one cheese one. I got nothing for myself. I had no need to visit Petrakis as I did the doggy dins yesterday and I was going out to eat.

The morning floated by turning gently into afternoon. There was fervent activity outside of my domain as punters tidied up and started to make their way home. Next weekend is starting to look busy on the accommodation front at least.

I wandered around to see the neighbours to discover we were due at Anydroi at 16:00 not leaving here at that time. This put a new complexion on the situation so I dragged out some decent attire and went for a quick shower. Janne had the engine running and the air con on as I approached the car.

Steffi and Sascha were seated at the restaurant with Colin, Martin’s brother, and his dining partner. We sat at the adjoining table. The food and ambiance were as expected however I imagine they were probably tired following the Holidays.

It seems that Erica and Janne have been here only five minutes as they plan to leave Wednesday evening for their flight at 03:00 on Thursday. There are two loads of washing to be dealt with before then. One tonight and one tomorrow night.

I’ve dines so can now relax in front of the box until bedtime.

A pleasant morning followed by a sunny, warm day with little wind.


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