There were sheets hanging up from the day before as we set off on our walk. I put Janne and Erica’s wash in the machine on a timer and had to empty it first so hung it up to dry.

Still no sign of mercury but then the month is still young. The moon was full but, as it was the first morning of this cycle it was very low and didn’t hang around for long.

I was wearing boots but went out later in the board shoes I found on the road yesterday. They fitted my feet well but I was wearing them inside my other shoes to be on the safe side. Once on The Promontory, I carried the shoes and paddled and walked most of the rest of the walk just in the board shoes. The going was too slow over the rocks so I put back on the outer shoes whilst crossing the rocks. 1.5mm of sole is quite thin when your feet are used to walking constantly in shoes or boots.

Later, I took the other two nutcases out where we met Xanthippos for a little chat which was all about lawns and palm trees. We’re both anxious to see how the new Ammos Beach Bar’s new lawn survives the summer season. Apparently, some of the palms are not doing as well as hoped. There was little ball-throwing so I was focussing my attention on the podcasts I was listening to. It was quite warm so we bathed on Alonaki Beach for ten minutes or so. I was surprised when Isabella and Sasha swam out towards me when I was quite a long way out. Nevertheless, Sasha was undeterred and seemed happy to swim well out of her depth. Isabella is quite fearless where water is concerned and it would seem that Sasha may also head that way.

I went to Paleochora directly, calling at Anatoli to deliver my latest handful of small change in exchange for a loaf of bread and then Petrakis for some DDs for tomorrow. Upon my return, I had a brief stop at reception to move the POS machine now that the Alpha Bank one is working.

The dogs were waiting for some food as it was already quite warm due to the lateness of the hour. It’s good not to have to rush back to the camping to see off customers each morning.

I could see that Bona was likely to drown in a sea of washing so have hung up several loads which she is now trying to iron. M4-6 leave tomorrow and, as of the present, there is no bedding available other than a couple of pillowcases. With so many single-night stays over the weekend, there has been a deluge of laundry and Bona has no help. There is a load hanging now and another in the machine not forgetting the overnight load for Erica. The washing machine is earning its living at present.

I walked down to the kitchen and was given a pot crammed with green beans and potatoes which I put in the Instant Pot to reheat before joining Janne and Erica on their decking. We had a chat then they went off to empty their toilet cassette and I to eat my bucket of food.

It’s not yet eight and the dogs are fed as am I. The sun is behind the storeroom so the day is cooling down. The dogs are sleeping off their supper however Sasha is finishing off the destruction of a tennis ball on the decking. I feel it was a good thirty-cents worth as the ball survived several Promontory Walks before its final demise.

Maria has to return to Santorini to collect her car and arrange an examination for one of her students. That will leave me and the New Lady to hold the fort. The plan is for Maria to leave for a few days after the weekend so it should be quite an easy time in her absence.

The second warmest day in the month so far. A little breeze helped to take the edge off the temperature. A good sheet-drying day!


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