Sheets again

Fido went out at four but wanted to come back in again. I explained it was close to getting up time so he could stay outside.

The moon was higher and brighter but there was still no sign of Mercury even though the sky was almost cloudless. The moon washed some of the brightness out of the planets.

I took the other two out again later and I went for a swim whilst they fooled around and played on the beach. They did a little swimming but not to the same extent as the day before.

It was late by the time I went out on my bike but I managed to go over Panorama and around Paleochora then back.

The day turned into a jumble of more bed sheets as well as spreadsheets. The reception assistant is expected to maintain a spreadsheet of supplier invoices and payments. The existing system is rather cumbersome and inefficient considering the small number of suppliers. I worked with Tonya, The New Lady, to produce something a little more easy to work with which keeps a running total as well as shows the bank payment chronologically. Together, we worked out a workable solution.

M4-6 left today creating more sheets to wash just as we were getting to grips with the aftermath of the weekend. I’ve not put on so many loads today but Philip’s neighbours and friends took in and dried a bag full of sheets. I have more coloured sheets drying with another load in the machine. There is a number of while towels which need to be soaked overnight to remove more stubborn soiling.

With all the sheet activity I found myself rather behind with the DDs and so the dogs have only just been fed. I had fakes with a couple of stuffed tomatoes from the other day. Petra is looking after me and always gives me a generous helping.

Almost the same as yesterday with plenty of sunshine and a little wind in the afternoon. Perfect drying weather.


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