Dog Sitting

Maya and Sasha were taken for a walk by the boys then brought back to me so the family could enjoy a peaceful time in the bar. I took the two of them for a quick Promontory walk once it cooled down. Sasha was free but Maya was on a long lead. I doubt she would have gone anywhere but I wasn’t about to find out. Maya galloped after the ball so there’s a good way to wear her out. Noisy, the youngest of the three boys, came to pick Maya up as the family walked past on their way home around nine-forty.

Perry Mason (1957) kept me amused as I was too young to appreciate it on the first showing. I just love the street scenes and those huge, gas-guzzling cars. Needless to say, Perry got his man off the hook and the true perpetrator was brought to justice.

Some pussy external friction caused a momentary Luis outburst quite near to getting up time so I was good to go before the alarm. It was positively mild as we walked under the bright moonlit sky. There was a powerful, almost dazzling reflection on the sea.

Mercury still remains illusive, the earliest sunrise for this year takes place until 21 June, the Summer Solstice and then it’s a slippery slope to 21 December and the Winter Solstice. Don’t these years just keep rolling by…

I took the girlies out straight after the longer walk then went up the mountain on my bike, around Paleochora and back to the camping. I decided today would be a restful day as I felt I’d done more than my fair share the past few days.

I spent most of the day fiddling with websites but found time to cook some beetroot and turn tomatoes into puree. Michaelis and Tony came to erect a couple of smaller rental tents north of me. Still suitably far away from me but too close to each other by my reckoning.

There was one support call from Wisdom Sports (Inter Sport) in Haywards-Heath. There systems were running slowly but a router reboot sorted it out.

ACS brought a parcel which is still at reception. I suspect it contains a batch of Sonoff meters for the bungalows and larger cabins. I’ll wander up with Sasha later to collect it.

Petra gave me some lovely stuffed tomatoes and potatoes to eat. I’ve already fed my face so the dogs are waiting for their’s. Sasha is in with Isabella. They are quiet after an initial burst of activity.

A warm and still start followed by a hot but sometimes windy day. The next few days may be a few degrees cooler.


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