Fido spent the night outside coming in around fifteen minutes before getting up time. Fine by me as I didn’t have to let him out at three. He managed to remain quiet and was able to relieve himself at will.

With plenty of moonlight and a warm breeze, the Early Walk was very pleasant. We were coming out onto the road just as Kostas drove into the car park which gave potential for misbehaviour which was quickly quelled. His 4×4 is back in service so we followed his tyre tracks up The Promontory to the cave where he parks outside. He was just ahead of us and climbing onto the rocks as we arrived at the End of The Promontory. Only Sasha was fussing as the others know better and Luis was lagging behind on a mission of his own.

I was far away as we walked to Plakaki up the beach and quickly turned round after some rapid biscuit distribution. I noticed the Mitsubishi pickup which belongs to the Parrot Fishermen parked in the beach car park. We caught them up at the rocks where they were preparing their fishing equipment. It was about six-fifteen as Kostas had already left with his haul of salt. We had a brief exchange of pleasantries and I commented on how much taller the ’little boy’ has become.

I took Sasha and Isabella out at six-thirty. We were back just after seven whereupon I went up the mountain on my bike with stops at Anatoli for bread and Petrakis for some DD ingredients.

I spent some time with my brain then released the dogs and made up their DDs for the Pot. Maria arrived with a package from e-papoutsia (e-shoes). It contained my Vibram FiveFingers shoes which are barefoot shoes with separate toe pockets.

Newly removed from their box.

I’ve been keen on going barefoot but the ground around the camping has too many foreign objects for safe walking. The idea of these shoes is to give the barefoot sensation yet provide protection for the foot. The aim is to allow the foot to read sensations from the ground as well as strengthen the foot muscles. This should improve balance and encourage walking correctly not landing on the heel but on the springy part of the foot. I’ve been wearing the shoes since they arrived but have not walked very far until I went out on meter connection duties and to chat to some long-stay (UK) punters. My feet and leg muscles have been working in ways they’re not used to as the messages from my feet and legs testify. I think it will take a little while for these shoes to work their magic and for my feet and legs to build up strength and muscle. It will be great when I can walk the dogs in them as I’ll just be able to walk in the sea whenever the mood takes me.

Other than some meter provisioning duties I’ve been playing with my websites and generally messing around keeping myself amused. Maria tells me she’s booking her trip to Santorini so I may have to be a little more active and involved following the weekend. There are not so many customers after the weekend although some are staying over.

Warm and sunny with a little wind. More wind is expected tomorrow.


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