A little windy

Simon Templar entertained me until bedtime. Fido was inside and remained inside all night. There was no wind at one point but it was gusty and strong as I got up. I considered whether I should wear my FiveFingers on the Early Walk and how long it might take me to get into them. In the end, my toes found their way inside without problems and I was able to complete the usual walk albeit more slowly as I was being cautious. It’s now seven in the evening and I’m still wearing the new shoes.

I took the girls out next and concluded that it was too windy to ride to Spaniakos to see Steffi and Sascha instead, I did some core exercises whilst out then came back and exercised my brain. It’s possible that I may have fallen asleep as some time went missing. I eventually released and fed the dogs and spent what remained of the morning doing very little which included wandering around the camping, server updates and installing Windows on a laptop.

I’d considered a visit to the sea but the wind was still quite strong so I decided against it. In the meantime, I found the network router for the till in the mini market and went up with Sasha to install it. Better to have her with me where I can see her rather than leave her to add to her collection of treasures. Maria had left an hour of two before so I decided to stay to give Tonya some moral support. Later, a French couple arrived so I showed them to a pitch and left my telephone number in case they need anything.

Petra, in the kitchen, was wondering where I’d got to as it was getting late when I finally want down to collect some food. Today, I have a good helping of green beans, potatoes and carrots.

The wind was present from the early hours and remained all of the day in various guises. Otherwise, the day was warm and sunny.


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