Inspector George Gently took me on an interesting revival of the days of Enoch Powell’s ‘rivers of blood’ speech and the racial tensions of the 60/70’s. That speech was delivered the day after my thirteenth birthday at a particularly impressionable time in my life. Having spent several years living in a multicultural community I found it difficult to rationalise. The story centres around a young, attractive black woman who is thought to have been murdered on some waste ground and the ensuing search for the perpetrator.

Our walk was warm and mostly wind-free. One car was parked in the beach car park, the owner of which was discovered in his tent only during the second walk. There was no sign of Kostas so the salt lives to fight another day. Obi was under scrutiny having absconded and found fraternising with IZO at the restaurant by the beach the previous day.

I decided to visit Steffi and Sascha at Spaniakos and arrived around eight. The journey was reasonably rapid as the batteries were full so I was easily able to push agains the northwesterly wind. The return ride is very easy as it’s almost all downhill.

There was little change other than a new wall however I was able to admire Sascha’s new PV and electrical installation. He no longer needs to run his generator as the sun provides all he needs at present and he has plenty of battery power to last the night. We drank tea and chatted before I left around ten. I stopped for bread at Anatoli and bananas at Petrakis on the way back to the camping.

I’d not been back long when I received a call from Tonya requesting a meter for a customer then I joined her in the reception as the dogs were managing to keep reasonably quiet. Electricians were installing more card isolators in the rooms and there was a steady stream of telephone calls. I went to attend to the washing machine with a Swiss customers and took a call from a Greek guy regarding the ability to videoconference from the camping.

I’ve hung up some washing which I stuffed in the machine when I took out the washing from the Swiss guy. There are towels in the machine at present so I’ll take the next machine load and we should be caught up. The ‘help’ is supposedly still on its way and will arrive in a ‘day or two’. I understand Georgia is sitting in the reception right now. Hopefully, there will only be Greek speaking arrivals or none at all.

A little wind early on but mostly warm and sunny with a few occasional clouds.


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