Longest Day

The alarm didn’t go off as I was already up and seeing to dogs. I’ve got the hang of wriggling my toes into my fivefinger shoes and they feel part of me. I walk without worrying too much where I’m treading as my feet are becoming used to the sensation of walking barefoot. It’s early days yet still and my feet feel tired as they’re having to do more work and build muscle.

The moon was quite some way past the meridian so we have only a few more days before it completes the current cycle. Venus, Mars and Jupiter are still easily visible however Saturn is becoming muddled with other celestial objects. As for Mercury, I suspect it’s behind the mountain.

I was keen to get back as I had things to do. I installed an additional WiFi access point at the bar last summer to improve performance but stole it to put by the Common Room and the motorhome bays. I’m not able to buy replacements due to chip shortages. There’s a two/three month waiting time. I removed the external WiFi access point and put it nearer to the bar to improve reception there. This will impact T3 and Z3-6. Georgia seems in the mood for spending money so I might create a fast wireless link direct to the bar to cut out the long cable run. The alternative is pre-terminated fibre but that’s expensive. I also installed the [useless] water meter camera looking at the back of the bar making three bar cameras and one on the reception. It was a quick job as the cable was already terminated and I buried it in the sand. If Georgia is satisfied with it, I’ll clip the cable down tomorrow.

I didn’t ride my bike as I was working in the bar but I did a lot of walking around the camping delivering washing to the bedding store/ironing room. I eventually got back to release and feed the dogs and have a well-earned rest as I’d been on the go for five solid hours.

ACS brought three parcels which I collected from the camping entrance. One contained the ten meters I’d ordered for T1-5, M1 and M4-6. These all have air-conditioning units and the plan is to see how much power is being used.

Later, I joined Georgia in the bar where we munched a variety of yummy food including Ladies Fingers or Okra. I finally got her to realise that all motorhome and camper vans need meters even if they’re only staying one night. With the price of electricity, a van with an air-conditioner can easily munch through much more than 4.5€ of electricity and the campers use very little. We have the meters so it seems silly not to use them. Large consumers of power will pay for what they use and be more sparing: smaller users will be pleased not to have to pay for something they’re not using.

Georgia has bought large brass key fobs for all the accommodation keys. The idea being that such a large object would weigh heavy in your pocket. One slight flaw is that the electricity box tags need to be irremovable from the rings so that the punters cannot leave the card in the controller whilst going off with the keys. I have a cunning plan to use stainless steel wire rope crimping it closed with a swaging tool. Other than cutting the wire rope or removing the swage, there’s no simple way to leave the card in the controller and take the keys. You’d need wire cutters and we’re going to notice!

Phil, the English guy, was waiting at my gate with a big tray of bones left over from their BBQ meal. I wondered why the dogs were so noisy. They were pleased to munch their way through it all as an appetiser to their DDs. Whilst at the office, the Italian guy with the motorhome arrived asking for a taxi into Paleochora. Tonya was busy on the phone and had a customer waiting so I called the taxi office to order a taxi using my best Greek. The Italian guy was suitably impressed and I saw the family set off to visit downtown Paleochora.

The arrival of the group is imminent so I’m going to suggest they might need some lights if they’re to have their meetings next door to me. Last time, I was generous to provide the electricity!

Warm and sunny but also a little windy. Tomorrow should be better and I understand the weekend is looking to be quite warm.


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