Rita II

It was only 04:45 when we left the gate as I was up well before the alarm as there were dogs wandering around beneath me. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t get up earlier each day as it so light at present. Kostas’ car was parked in its habitual place however we saw no sign of him and it was gone as we came back a short while later.

Only Luis didn’t manage to make it to Plakaki but he has his own personal walk route mostly avoiding Isabella. He doesn’t seem to get up to mischief and comes back at the end so I leave him to it. We were out on the second walk by 06:25 and I was on my way to Paleochora shortly after seven. The guys in the tents on the other side of the fence were packing up their bikes as I left and we crossed paths and waved cheerily as I was riding back. I dropped mail into Anke’s car as I rode over Panorama.

This morning’s mission was to fit a meter into T5 as it was supposidly booked out today. Potentially, quite a straightforward operation had I set up the meter and connected it to the network BEFORE trying to install it. There needs to be a good WiFi signal to connect and set up. Signal strength is marginal at best inside the bungalows as they’re made of metal with a metal roof, wood cladding and steel verandas. I understood T5 would be let today so felt under pressure to finish. It turns out it’s let tomorrow…

In light of my earlier experience, I spent time connecting and configuring the remaining meters. It was hot so I may have dropped off a couple of times. I later went for a swim off Alonaki. It’s good to walk across the beach and then into the water then out again in reverse order.

Tomorrow’s mission is to fit a meter in T4 as that is let over the weekend for the Yoga retreat. Very little is known about this retreat which is going to involve some 60-70 people most of whom will stay at the camping. There will be small groups throughout the day followed by evening sessions in Janne and Eric’a space in front of their van. I seem to have got tangled up in washing machine duty but as they want one at 60ºC it will go in on the timer overnight and be delivered in the morning.

The evening is warm so the dogs are wandering around or sleeping like Skinny who’s sprawled out on the floor next to me. Isabella seems to have a good relationship with Hop-Along and she’s flopped out in the sand too. Sasha’s on the decking outside, there are a couple of brown dogs under my chair and the others are probably under the decking where Obi spends the majority of his time.

The hottest day of the month but not of the year.


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