Yoga Retreat

My slumbers were interrupted by a phone call from someone at reception. I considered calling Tonja but didn’t see the point in us both losing sleep. I went up to reception to find Tonja already there so I let her get on with it.

We were out good and early as I’d changed my alarm to ring at 04:25 to make use of the light mornings. Changing the alarm time had cancelled the sleep function which prevents interruptions during your designated sleep time. Hence the renegade call from reception.

The moon has another three days of its current cycle so from then on it will become darker and I might even see Mercury. Otherwise, our walk was without event other than seeing Kostas in the gloom and passing his parked car.

I took the other two then went over Panorama on my bike. The only stop today was at the electrician for cable for my electricity meter installations. He’s usually open good and early so I was able to buy 5m which is more than enough for the job.

I returned with the intention of installing a meter in T4 only to be told by Bona that T4 and T5 had been swapped so was occupied but the booking calendar had not been updated. So I went back and did not a lot for an hour then fed the dogs.

It quickly warmed up making it difficult to engage in meaningful activity. I did however manage a swim in the early afternoon. That revived me a little. I found time to put up the southern sun blocker which makes quite a difference. Otherwise, just fiddling around with stuff and chilling out lazily.

Today’s offering from the kitchen was fassolakia which was hot out of the pot so required no effort from me. As usual, it was very enjoyable especially as I had nothing to do with its preparation!

The Yoga Retreat contingent arrived during the day and have their first meeting next to me from 20:00-21:30 today. There’s no meeting tomorrow as there’s traditional music at the restaurant, but one on Saturday which will be followed by a party. Sunday’s will be earlier in the day to mark the end to the retreat. Hopefully, they will pass painlessly. Their previous retreat was in August 2019 just after I’d skewered my right hand and then contracted a cold probably caught in the hospital. Not a particularly auspicious time…

There was no wind until the evening which made the day seem very hot. Fortunately, the humidity stayed below 66%.


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