Grand Clear-out

It was so hot in the night I relocated to my chair outside and slept the last ninety-minutes. Needless to say, we were out on The Promontory in good time.

I noticed Isabella’s red light was spending a lot of time in one place and it was later I discovered she’d been emptying an overflowing rubbish bin near the sun loungers on Alonaki Beach. I was delighted to have to clear up the rubbish which was scattered liberally over a couple of square metres.

There were quite a few FreeLoaders, vans on the beach road, one in the car park and tents and bodies littering The Promontory. Sasha has the habit of woofing at things she doesn’t understand which can lead to Oskar joining in the chorus. There was a tent at the entrance to the sandy bit at the end which she managed to bark at twice.

I took the females out again: we walked around and I went in the sea leaving Isabella and Sasha on Alonaki Beach. Later, a young woman appeared with Obi trotting along beside her. I’d been trying to attract his attention for a little while earlier on. He was with us as we arrived back from Plakakis but must have doubled back to make his acquaintance with campers on the beach. I splashed around for ten minutes of so and we finally went back. I then set off over Panorama stopping at Anatoli and then Petrakis for DDs. I stopped at the beach for another swim as it was still very warm.

Upon my return to the camping, I indulged in some brain activity and meditation. Sadly, I didn’t make it to the end of the ten-minute meditation as I fell asleep to wake up some while later. Something to do with exercise and interruption in my sleep maybe.

Once the dogs were fed, I decided to take down some of the awning tent to make things a little cooler under the awning. Having started, it turned into a Grand Clear-out which took up the remainder of the day. The operation included taking up the foam tiles and removing the plastic matting beneath. Several years have elapsed since this was done so there was plenty of sand and rubbish to take care of. The operation is incomplete so is hopefully destined to continue tomorrow.

To add to the excitement, Bona called to tell me Maya had absconded and arrived at the camping. Sadly, she omitted to remember her lead which was the purpose of the call. I delivered a lead so that Noisy was able to take Maya for a run in the sea. He then brought her back to me asking if he could leave her for an indeterminate time. Further complications arrived when a Yoga Retreat group decided to have their session on the other side of the fence where Isabella, Sasha and Oskar had been parked. Isabella was already there, Sasha’s presence was voluntary but Oskar was growling as Noisy approached the gate with Maya. Incidentally, his name IS really Noisy…

Fortunately, the Yoga Group had good Karma so the dogs remained reasonably well behave although I removed Oskar inside after a while. Meanwhile, I was still at work clearing dust and rubbish from under the awning. I have to cut some of the foam tiles as they are partly under the batteries, likewise the ground sheet also needed cutting. It’s likely I’ll put down the same layers again but replace some of the tiles which I’ll cover with some flooring material which is easier to keep clean. Hopefully, by autumn, there will no longer be such chewy dogs.

The group session dragged on until well past eight so it was only once they left that I was able to nip down to the kitchen for something to eat. They were beginning to wonder where I was. However, I’d already fed the dogs which I started despite the presence of the group on the other side of the fence. Fortunately, Noisy had returned to take Maya for another walk so I was able to feed the others in her absence. She was very thirsty on her return so promptly knocked over the water bowl which I filled a little later. I shall now feed myself leaving Sasha and Maya to chase each other the length of the SDC.

I was topless for the Early Walk except at the end of the Promontory where is was breezy. There was only very light air during the day which then felt very warm especially as I was working through the hottest part. Having the chair back in its Summer Position, means a cool draught of air so greater comfort.


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