Four Girls

I was wondering if Noisy would be back for Maya but discovered they decided it was too late to call to pick her up. In fact, I was awake until midnight as everything was delayed due to the adjacent meeting. In any event, it was still too hot to go to bed and to sleep. I released Maya and Sasha into the main compound as the others were inside and Isabella in her boudoir with the pussies. They’d been racing around in the SDC so were quickly asleep whereupon I retired to bed. The night was not without interruption as there was a small dog somewhere which had got itself outside or at least in the wrong place. The warmth of the night was another factor so I went outside to sit in my chair for a while. By this time it was gone three so soon time to get up.

As it would be Maya’s first walk with all of the dogs I decided to put her and Sasha in the SDC with the field gate open to provide a through flow. The dogs had their collars on so I expected few problems but it wasn’t an ideal way to take a strange dog out on a first walk.

All of a sudden there were nine dogs when Iera emerged from the darkness. She sees me sometimes in the morning from the back of the car when she drives into Paleochora.

Maya stuck to me like glue so I found it difficult going at times as she was so close. By the halfway point she started to become more adventurous and run around with the others.

There were more FreeLoaders than the day before. Those plus some new ones but then it’s the weekend. None of them were interfered with by the dogs to the best of my knowledge even though there were tents and several maggots.

I deposited the boys and took the four females and the ball out for an action replay. We spent a while on the Small Beach throwing the ball for Isabella whilst the others fooled around in the water. Maya has an interesting swimming technique which creates a fair amount of noise and splashing. We finally headed back after well over two hours of walking and frivolity and Iera melted into the distance.

I sat down to exercise my brain but eventually fell asleep as my night had been very short. Later, I released and fed the dogs leaving Sasha and Maya in the SDC and the others at liberty. I met Bona who told me Noisy would be along to collect Maya at 14:00 when she planned to go home.

I continued with my clear out so have now removed all the floor coverings and taken down the tent sides as well as put up the westerly sun blocker. The kitchen unit is back in position but has yet to have anything in it.

The dogs have been fairly well behaved considering the proximity of some of the groups which occasionally became noisy. Not helped by a couple of unruly customer dogs. Both the customers and many of the Yoga group will leave tomorrow so things should calm down.

Maria is back in town as I spoke briefly to her as I dropped off Tonja’s laptop I’d recently reinstalled. I produced a notice in Greek and English asking people not to use shampoo in the beach showers.

Yesterday’s weather as I posted an incorrect image yesterday
Today seemed much cooler than yesterday where the temperature was over six degrees higher.


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