Quite Warm

I got to bed much earlier than the previous night as it was much cooler so far more pleasant. That all changed as the morning was a shorts only event. I used my shirt more as an insect swat than a garment although I put it back on for the second walk and bike ride.

Iera appeared to join us for the majority of the first walk however she evaporated at the end not to be seen again. In fact, I crossed her master as I was riding back from my Paleochora trip and visit to the bakery to tell him news of her sighting. He was driving along Alonaki as I caught up and then went for a swim. I didn’t see if he found her or not.

I went back to the dogs for a shower and a sit before letting them out. I thought my bike thermometer was lying when it registered 33ºC just after nine but it had been telling the truth. Already, I was beginning to feel warm even though I’d not long come from the sea so it was with a certain amount of lethargy I fed the dogs and made some tea for myself.

The morning registered equally low on the activity front and I restricted myself to cruising the Internet letting my finger do the walking as they used to say. Do we still use Yellow Pages?

There were still a few Retreat meetings going on around but most campers probably disappeared to the beach and plonked themselves in the sea. Not that I had the energy to go to find out.

It is possible that I drifted off to sleep a couple of times during the day as the previous two days had been quite active although yesterday was a lot cooler. Very little progress was made with clearing and sorting although I spent time thinking about what to do which often saves wasted effort or duplication. I take a little more rubbish each time I walk towards the rubbish bins. I didn’t really fancy another day sweaty and covered in black dust.

As warm as it was two days ago making it first equal hottest day in June. The night was reasonable but I think tonight could be difficult again.


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