Sheets, Laptops and Meters

I had a fan blowing on me all night as it was so warm. If I’d been more organised, I would have slept outside in a hammock.

It was cooler as there was a breeze as we set off up the Promontory. I was not paying proper attention so Isabella and Sasha managed to drag the waste bin over full of takeaway containers left by visitors. I enjoyed picking it up to stuff it back into the bin.

We disturbed a couple as we walked back from the first rock crossing. They made the fatal mistake of showing an interest in the dogs so had all of them visiting their sleeping space. The maggots were friendly, particularly the man although I felt the woman appeared a little overwhelmed by so many dogs at 05:05 on a Monday morning. Indeed, the merest sliver of a moon had just risen above the mountains. We continued on our way.

The remainder of the first walk was reasonably calm and organised as ever. I came out with Sasha and Isabella following a brief rest. Sometimes, I throw the ball only a few times for Isabella however this morning she just kept bringing it back and dropping it. I lost count of the number of times she swam out to retrieve it from the sea. I thought we never complete the walk.

I went over Panorama stopping at Petrakis for some DD’s then came back via Alonaki Beach where I had a brief swim in the sea. I wanted to move on with the electricity meter installations as I have several more to do. The older statics/bungalows have small meter boxes. Fitting a largish device inside is demanding and my activities revealed other problems which slowed down the installation and also required my attention. So far, T5, 4 and 1 have meters. I started to look at T2 as it’s let out tomorrow but was called away to attend to ChromeBooks and sheets so I eventually gave up and called it a day.

Dimitris had given his personal laptop a drink but it seemed ok for a while however the internals had gradually failed which is why Georgia got a ChromeBook to take its place. I configured the Chromebook with a birthdate of 1 January 2022 so ended up having to adopt the new user as my child as the accountholder was under 16.

I was invited to dine with Georgia, Lena and Terry, one of the servers. It seems that a different member of staff is periodically invited to dine at the Top Table. I ate Fassolakia as that was the most appealing of the choices. I’ve very partial to it anyway and food is food after all!

My day is not yet done as I said I’d go to reception to get over their bookkeeping problems as they’re still having difficulties with spreadsheets.

Before doing that, Isabella has managed to knock over her water bucket so that requires filling. Even though the camping has few customers, there appears to be someone staying close by which cannot be to much fun for them when I’ve been out a lot of the time. Generally, the dogs are fairly well behaved… Except when I’m away for a long time and when tea time is on the horizon.

Not as warm as yesterday but still quite warm and sunny.


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