Another Day Off!

I feel asleep in front of Vincent so found myself going to bed at nearly midnight! The morning alarm appeared to come round very quickly.

There was a strong breeze so our walk was cooler as well as reasonably insect reduced. There were some lads camping on the shore by the Big Beach and still the Czech motorhome which has been in the car park for several days. A few other vehicles were dotted along the beach or the road. The lads were quite noisy and were up and about at 05:00 so I suspect they didn’t get much sleep.

We met an Austrian walking barefoot as we were leaving. I commented on the viscous spiky things that get in the paws. Later, when out on the second walk, which was almost as energetic as the day before, we met with Gabi and her dog. We chatted about dogs and the camping where she and her husband and dog have stayed almost a month. Her dog is quite fearful but put this aside to get a little closer to Sasha. Isabella was resting in the shade at the time.

We hadn’t got much further when we had another conversation with a Norwegian chap who is married to a Greek so comes here regularly. It transpired he is staying on the camping.

I had washing to deal with and a machine to empty so I did this before riding to the bakery and the hardware store where I spent a whole 0.60€ on some hooks. Hardly their greatest sale of the day considering the bread was more than double that at 1.40€.

I messed with some more washing, fed the dogs and decided to do very little. I ended up collecting the rug promised to me by Phil. Mina, his wife decided they have no further use for it. I beat it and washed it a little but expect it will last for a very long time.

My laziness was interrupted by further washing machine activity and I suspect there are some towels awaiting my attention. I responded to Google reviews as some had escaped my attention. Much mention of the cleanliness of the bathrooms and loos. Bona will be pleased.

An otherwise lazy day to compensate for the previous one. Gigantes await me!

Warm and sunny with a stiff breeze from time to time. Without it, the day would have been much warmer.


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