At 04:24 I looked at my watch only just before the alarm went off. I hadn’t been terribly organised however I’d remembered to charge the head torch and have it by me. The dogs took a few moments to spring into action however Fido was at the front of the queue. In fact, it was as a result of him fidgeting about that I woke up.

I took up position close to the rubbish bins on the beach to ensure there were no mishaps. One of the bins was over due to the wind as I knew no dog had been near it. Walking up the east side of the Promontory, we ran into a couple who’d bedded down in the middle of the path. Fortunately, we’ve not seen Kostas for a few days so they were spared being run over. I wished them a good morning but suspect they didn’t consider it so as it was only 04:50.

The remainder of the walk was changed so as to avoid going that way again. Not very hard as there were far fewer FreeLoaders than recently. I didn’t take the other two out immediately as I knew there was some washing to take down and other to hang up. I took the opportunity to run some stuff through on a quick cycle for me as there was only a small amount to do.

I managed to lose Isabella’s ball early on the next walk so she spent much of the time looking for it including a swim out to the small island off the Small Beach. Still, it kept her busy.

I rode up the mountain and around Paleochora without any stops other than to see there were no PAWS puppies. I’ll buy bread and visit Petrakis tomorrow.

The remainder of the morning was spent fiddling with cameras and setting up my hammock. Now there is space under the awning, it’s possible to hang the hammock diagonally between the metal uprights. It seems Americans like sleeping in hammocks when out in the country as there are loads of YouTube videos about pitching a hammock correctly. The hammock is almost ready for regular use and can be quickly deployed and packed up again so not left out in the way.

I had an IT support call from Jean Lawrence regarding a lost file and an email from EG about disabling an email account. Not a very demanding couple of jobs.

I sauntered down to pick up a massive pot of fakes, probably enough for two days but I’ll indulge myself and blow the dogs away tomorrow.

Later, I’m meeting up with Tonja as she wants me to help her with a spreadsheet.

It looks like the power went off a couple of times during the night as there is data missing in the weather records.

Warm and sunny but with some windy intervals which helped to lower the temperature.


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