Some doggy reaction to a nearby pussy event caused me to go into getup mode until I discovered it was only 03:50 so I went back to bed for another thirty-five minutes!

A couple were on Alonaki Beach doing little except looking into the sea. They seemed quite pleased to meet us at 04:55 and probably wondered what we were doing up at that time. As I was with them. Having not seen Kostas for several days, his car passed us as we were leaving the Promontory for the first time. He’d gone by the time we’d trekked to Plakaki and back. I chose to walk in the water carrying my polo shirt most of both directions. It was warm and it was very pleasant to be able to just wander from beach to sea and back with no concerns over footwear.

I’ve not worn my boots since my FiveFinger footwear arrived and I’m getting used to walking barefoot over almost any terrain. Today, during the second walk, we investigated some of the rocky and potentially very slippery and hard-on-the-feet places where Boris used to swim out after his ball. The rocks are certainly a lot less slippery and it’s easy to walk virtually anywhere in or out of the sea without carving up ones feet on the extremely sharp rocks.

The end of the second walk found us on Alonaki Beach with me in the water and the girlies on the beach. All was going well until an older guy in a pickup arrived and decided to park up and visit a nearby bit of beach. Isabella showed initial interest until I called her back however Sasha barked annoyingly for a short while. It worked, I as annoyed but could do little other than bawl at her from way out to see. The guy seemed oblivious after making an effort to be friendly towards her which she rejected. He finally did the sensible thing, got in the sea and swam out.

I went off to Paleochora via Panorama for bread and some DDs for later. It was quite a warm ride so my soggy shorts were almost dry by the time I needed to shop. Not that anyone would either notice nor care. It’s not like Waitrose on a Friday morning in Paleochora. Especially as I was paddling about in wet and sandy FiveFinger shoes. But then they all know I’m ’different’.

I still have a few more meters to install and a camera to put up but was suffering from a singular lack of energy by the time I was back and the dogs fed. Instead, I sat in my chair and fell asleep which I considered to be more enjoyable than sweating it out jammed in a small space in one of the bungalows.

Yesterday evening, Tonya and I spent an exciting ninety-minutes together with the bookkeeping whilst the others were partying and carrying on at the bar celebrating Petra’s name day. We agreed that we’d rather be elsewhere than at the bar however bookkeeping in the common room might not have been the most thrilling alternative.

As we parted, Tonya said she’d copy all of the accounts over to the new spreadsheets the following morning. I’d offered to do it as I felt it would be a lot quicker for me to transfer the information myself rather than sort out all the errors after someone else. I was right, it would have been much quicker to have done it all myself. At least Tonya has a better understanding of spreadsheets and practice at moving data.

Philip and Mina Tew left today to continue their holiday in Crete and then elsewhere on the mainland before pottering off to Italy. They have Irish passports so can stay in any EU country for as long as they please. Their friends, who are still on the camping for a few more days, are Spanish residents so they too can stay in EU for as long as they wish.

Two further departees included Maria, the lady who I inherited from Maria at the end of October last year. She came back for another month and so is splendidly brown. The German woman who arrived just before the transfer to Maria also left. Both enjoyed their stays but doubted they’d return very soon. In another ten days, Manfred and Gabi will also leave so I shall not longer meet Gabi out walking the dog in the mornings. Just as she was making progress with Sasha too.

Otherwise, I’ve rearranged some stuff as well as process the DD’s which are being eagerly awaited by the doggies. Not an altogether productive days really.

Warmer than yesterday but still windy at times. The sea was very pleasant this morning. I must buy another thermometer to I can measure the water temperature.


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