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It was very warm in the night so I might have been better off outside in my hammock after all. A substantial breeze got up as we wandered towards the promontory and over the rocks. The wind removed any desire to remove upper garments although I considered bathing at one point.

There were no FreeLoaders on the Promontory just a couple of vehicles scattered along the top of Alonaki on the way to Plakaki. Obi’d sloped off but I was watching him so summoned him to me. Even Luis was present at the end of the walk.

I had a couple of little jobs to do so set about with them having made some tea. Both Isabella and Sasha seemed quite settled so I played with my brain for a little while and didn’t quite make it to the end of my meditation. Try again later.

After walking the other two, I went up the mountain and around Paleochora limping back on the dregs of my batteries which are now awaiting charging. Otherwise, I’ll be pedalling all the time tomorrow which is forecast to be windy.

Looking at the booking calendar, I could see limited possibilities for installing meters so decided I should get on with it. The easiest was M6 which was unoccupied as was M1. I’ve yet to do M4/5 as they are occupied. I could see, when testing the installation in M6, that inmates are unlikely to keep the air conditioning units on all night should they be planning to sleep. These units are quite small but have the compressor in the room unit whereas larger, installed systems, have only the fan and heat exchanger inside with the compressor and external heat exchanger outside. There is only the distribution fan inside and all the compressor noise is dissipated to the surroundings and neighbours. Furthermore, these portable units consume a significant amount of power although less than the more efficient plumbed-in type.

I discovered that T2, which I though was empty had punters as did T3. I was able to gain access to T3 later on. These bungalows have older air conditioning units so I suspect they might be less economical than the more modern ones.

Another discovery was a portable air conditioning unit in Ξ6 which Georgia had mentioned but said nothing about recovering the cost. The unit must still be there as witnessed by the amount of energy being consumed. That or the inhabitant is charging every laptop in the camping and ironing everyone’s clothes. I have a feeling this electricity monitoring campaign may yield some drastic policy changes and hopefully, a reduction in the amount of energy used. I still maintain that the only way to make the end-user responsible is to levy an additional change for energy dependent on the amount consumed.

Otherwise, the day was perfectly restful for the first of the month.

The dogs are mostly asleep having just stuffed their faces. Oskar seems to be wandering around looking for something to bark at I surmise. There are always the men working on the new villas which are now down to the finishing touches, gardens and other groundworks. The surrounding are pleasantly finished with plenty of trees and shrubs which are now maturing nicely having been planted last season. I understand the owner intended letting the property in June 2021. If he lets some in July 2022, it will be a bonus. I must go and poke my nose around early one morning…

Monthly summary for June 2022
Daily summary for 1 July 2022. Warm and sunny with some significant windy spells.


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