The day started off well enough as I had a meeting in Paleochora with a lady with a laptop so I wanted to get on. Our Early Walk was reasonable and without difficulty other than the windy conditions which made walking more challenging. We followed to road to Plakaki and back then got blown over as we walked over the rocks. We did a one-size-fits-all excursion where everyone stayed out for longer.

I set off for Paleochora on my bike but knew it would be windy so was ready for it. What I wasn’t ready for was was such a strong gust which sent my bike and I into the edge of the road. My right-side took most of the incoming but that I discovered once my bike and I’d been picked up by a nice man who drove me into Paleochora.

He sat me down on a cofe chair, gave me a drink and called the ambulance from Kantanos which didn’t take long to come. There were plenty on onlookers who had an exciting start to their Sunday. I walked to the ambulance then thy put me on a trolley where I stayed until I got to the hospital in Chania. Kandanos doesn’t have X-ray so I had to go to Chania but they assessed me and cleaned me up before shipping me out.

The ride to Chania was through the mountains so not that comfortable but we arrived and I was immediately taken to the Emergency Room. They cleaned me up, stuck in some stiches and sent me off on my trolley with an English-speaking porter who used to live in Kandanos and went to school in Paleochora. He took me to X-ray and then to Ultra-Scan as they wanted to be sure there were no complications.

They left me in the ER for a while for observations then let me go to walk about the hospital corridors which I’ve done before. Fanis came back from delivering an injured man to Iraklion for a jaw repair. He left me with some if his work colleagues whilst he changed then drove back to the camping where his wife was staying alone as he couldn’t get anyone to cover his shift. That worked out very well for me as a taxi would have been tedious and without my own personal EMT!

The dogs, except Isabella and Sasha, had been inside all day. They were all pleased to see but then left me alone to gather myself up. Later, I fed them and then retired to bed myself. I feel that sleep helps me to self-repair more quickly.


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