Aching Bits

I didn’t rush out of bed as I had no appointments so could leave the early walk until it got light around six. We were back after seven. It was still very windy and not very pleasant.

I wandered around the camping seeing people and thanking them for their help the day before. Particularly Maria who came to my rescue once more.

I’d intended spending the day doing very little and managed to achieve that. Emily had another birthday and I communicated with a number of people including Eleanor and Ursula.

I spent a lot of time doing nothing and achieved that goal. Generally chatting online or watching things on the Internet. I didn’t have much energy for anything else although later I went down and Petra gave me an enormous dish of Gigantes which I was sure I wouldn’t eat but I managed.

The dogs had more kibble as I didn’t get out to go shopping and was rather lethargic too.

Hopefully, tomorrow should be better.

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