Aloe Vera

I fed the dogs and fiddled around during the cool part of the day then retired to bed where I was soon asleep. Surprising really considering how long I’d slept during the day and how little I’d done. I admit I’m much more of a morning than an evening person and flag as the day progresses. I woke a couple of times in the night but soon went back to sleep.

There was some wind as we got up around six. Not much point in getting up and walking in the dark if we’re not going so far. We walked an hour with everyone then put the boys inside so I could take out the girls. We went to the sandy bit at the end of the Promontory and then over the rocks before coming back. It was enough for them and for me. Maybe tomorrow we’ll go to Plakaki and back.

I sat and festered for a bit and then fed and let them all out. I wandered to the office to see if there were any finger dressings as I wanted to see how my nailless finger was doing. I found a small dressing in one of my first aid kits so cut off the dressing on my left hand to reveal a crushed, nailless finger. It’s a little swollen but otherwise looks quite healthy for a crushed fingertip. I acquired some Aloe Vera from the neighbours so have now coated all of my cut bits in it. The juice tightens the skin but also seems to protect the cuts. I shall be brave and have a shower later now that all of the dressings have been removed except from my head. I imagine that will stay until the stitches are removed on or around Monday.

I’ve had another exhausting day doing very little but will wander to the kitchen before long for the latest culinary opportunity. Despite my protestations to Petra about the quantity of Gigantes she gave me last night, I managed to eat them all. She said they were very nice and she was right! Other than an orange, that was all I needed.

It was quite windy earlier but it has now calmed down to almost nothing so the cicadas can make up for lost time. They’re not too keen to have to compete with swaying tree limbs.

Windy on and off all day but calming now. Tomorrow will also be windy


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