Skinny Seems Happier

Later out of bed but a more adventurous walk all the way to Plakaki and back although not round the Promontory again. With a later start and longer walk, the sun is up and the second walk is quite warm even though I decided to bathe near the end. My cuts and grazes were given the saltwater treatment and it was only my nailless crushed finger which caused more discomfort. To be expected I suppose considering the number of exposed nerve endings. Brought back distant memories of a fall whilst marooned on an island and a distant swim to wash off the dirt and clean up the wounds. There was no scarring as a result and it was hurty for a bit but I was wearing a snorkel.

I went to the office to ask Maria to put 20kg dog food on the camping’s delivery order. I’m only getting one bag because there are so many wretched maggots in the food at present. Maybe the food is held up in delivery due to the shipping delays I don’t know.

I came back and got on with my morning. Skinny didn’t eat the yummy dog food I gave him last night so I decided to make up some DDs even though I was a little sort of ingredients. The dogs have had kibble since Sunday as my trip in was to pick up food for them as well. There seemed to be a general reluctance to kibble from most, other then the females who will eat anything. Consequently, they’ve just enjoyed their first rice and mixture meal since Saturday. Skinny cleaned his bowl and several others and there was a general enthusiasm.

Manolis delivered my bike which he’d stored at his filling station since Sunday. I came out of my gate to find it carefully positioned where I usually leave it between the tree and the fence. Manolis didn’t know the Good Samaritan so I’ll ask Yiannas who knows everyone.

Other than sharing a link for the bar music with Dimitris, there were no really exciting moments until I went for food around Six. Today was fakes with some lovely potatoes on the side. Dimitris brought me a drink from the bar.

When you’re close to something, it’s more difficult to see progress so it’s starting to drag out a little now. Sneezing still makes my ribs hurt, my crushed finger is sore if I knock it. My right knee hurts when a waggy dog with a thick [black] tail is nearby. My arm and shoulder is still stiff and uncomfortable but we’re heading in the right direction. No being able to touch-type properly is a bind as it’s so slow other wise. But it’s ONLY Wednesday so I should chill out…

A warm, sunny day with some wind which has died down to leave a still evening and night. Tomorrow may be a little cooler as will the following few days.


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