Coming Storm

We managed to go a little further on the Early Walks and to get in a swim, for me and Isabella at least. Sasha and some of the others had been in earlier. It was just getting light and there was no one around so walking up to Plakaki and back was uninterrupted. There is still a tent parked by the Big Rock on the Promontory and another at the top of Alonaki Beach about halfway to Plakaki. A number of vans are also parked along the top of the beach.

The walk up to Plakaki and back was uneventful and today we continued on back over the rocks on the Promontory before returning to the camping. Today, I watered Janne and Erica’s plants whilst it was cool, then took the girlies. I wore my FiveFinger shoes so it would be easier for me to go into the sea as I planned to bathe and swim, after a fashion at least. We ended up doing yet another circuit of the Promontory so I was good and ready for a quick dip by the end. Isabella came into the sea and then lay at the water’s edge watching me swim around. Sasha, meanwhile, had bathed herself earlier so was more interested in exploring the rocks at the south end of the Big Beach near where I was swimming.

Walking back, we met a Greek couple who’ve been camping on Alonaki Beach. They asked what happened to me so I explained my bicycle incident. They mentioned their tent was flattened and their possessions blown far and wide. Xanthippos came to deposit some rubbish in the bins and he’d already suggested I fill my pockets with big stones next time it’s windy. He was not the first person to make this suggestion…

Once back, I dealt with a small IT matter and then played with my brain before falling asleep, just for a change. Around ten, I released the boys and fed them all. Then the morning slipped by.

I made some time to pack away the awning sides and put the table over the cooler now that I know it’s working as expected. I moved the chair to the other end of the awing area for the morning as it was too hot at the east end. I followed the sun and moved back later. The insulated roof and PV panels keep the sun away very efficiently unlike the fabric of the original awning.

There were some departures and arrivals. A camper left after three days with an electricity bill of 0.60€: considering they were being charged 3€/night before. The two departures were quickly replaced by two more arrivals although I notice some of the motorhome bays are standing empty.

The day pottered by, Maria delivered a huge quantity of Ladies fingers which I heated up and then ate, only just about. Considering I was eating half a loaf of bread and bananas before, I still have a diminished appetite. I never feel very hungry in summer but am not riding my bike or walking so far thus using less energy. I’m convinced the kitchen is trying to fatten me up by the size of the portions they give me.

I had an exchange with Fanis who tells me his temperature has fallen after two days and he feels better. He’s now tested positive for CoVID but thinks he wouldn’t have been infectious on Sunday as he didn’t test positive until last night.

The Greek State’s new CoVID rules for visitors do not require hotels to maintain isolation rooms or for visitors testing positive to self-isolate. It is a requirement to wear a high-efficiency mask only.

There is a 50% possibility of some meteorological disturbance during the night with thunder and a small amount of precipitation. Tomorrow is forecast to be cloudy at times.

A warm, sunny and mostly windless day


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