Unsurprisingly, no storm came so we were able to sleep soundly in our beds. There were some interesting clouds earlier however they passed harmless over and went to annoy people in other parts of the island. Apparently, it rained in Rethymno. It was very still initially and also quite light. I’d intended getting up a little earlier but then forgot to do anything about it. I was in bed before ten and asleep quite quickly. I feel less tired than at the beginning of the week even though I’m doing more each day.

We managed to walk around the Promontory twice and to Plakaki as well as have a conversation with Xanthippos on his way to work. He’d not really seen the dogs altogether for some while although Obi had already gone back having briefly absconded earlier.

I wanted to have a go on my bike to see if I could find my glasses and to get back on the proverbial horse. I set off against a gentle breeze towards Paleochora and landed at Petrakis where I did some DDs shopping. The trip back was simple as there was little traffic and little wind. Upon my return, I took the girlies around The Promontory once more before going for a swim off Alonaki Beach. A woman was occupying the spot on the Big Beach and I didn’t think she’d take too kindly to having Isabella shake herself all over her.

I had some small IT task to perform and then I fed the dogs after exercising my brain. I’d decided the dressing on my head could go as I’d not had a decent shower for a week. It was a little glued to some of the stitches as well as some of the scabs. I’m glad I had control of its removal than a third party.

I’d checked my bike when it was returned by Manolis from the filling station however I’d not found my glasses which I discovered today were in one of the outer pockets of the bags wrapped in a face mask. They were mangled, the lens scratched even more and generally in a poor state of health. I set about bending them back to some sort of wearable shape and they are much better than nothing or using my prescription sunglasses. I just couldn’t work out why the light inside the van was so dim until I removed my sunglasses!

Otherwise, the day was reasonably uneventful and just sort of trundled past. Maria called me to ask about electricity on a van I’d noticed on my way past and I replied they’d not used any. She has either forgotten or has decided I’m suitably un-infectious enough to be able to get my own food from the kitchen. But then she is very busy which is why I was surprised she volunteered at the outset.

Fanis has a normal temperature and feels better although quite weak. He appears to be getting over his CoVID well. Hopefully, he was not at the infectious stage last Sunday so has not passed his lurgy on to me. It’s nearly a week now so I’m hoping I’m safe.

My ribs still hurt when I cough or sneeze but nothing like as much, my head is less annoying since the dressing is off and my knee avoids the waggy tail. My crushed finger is able to touch-type again and only really reminds me it’s there when I bash it. It’s still not very pretty then neither is my face for that matter. Fortunately, I don’t have to look at myself!

The camping is reasonably busy for a weekend at this time of year although some may have been put off by dire forecasts of strong wind and rain.

The kitchen tells me it’s been steady and the punters have been eating well. I eventually went down myself as time was getting on and there was no sign of Maria.

Warm and sunny with occasional cloud but no storm. Rain fell in Rethymno.


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