One Week On…

The neighbours woke me briefly around 01:45 but then I should imagine we woke them briefly around 05:45. They were enjoying a typical friends get-to-gether and evening meal as I wandered past from the loo. I was soon to go to bed: they were just getting going.

The north wind provided a chilliness to the morning which encouraged me not only to wear my shirt but also tuck it in. Later, I even put a T-Shirt under my Polo shirt for some extra insulation.

We met up with the lady and the tent as we wandered towards Plakaki. She likes dogs so they were in their element. She discussed moving her tent to the camping but we concluded that Alonaki was a lot cheaper if less satisfactory. She mentioned a roof tent for her car as well as sleeping inside their car on windy days. I cautioned that a roof tent was of limited used in windy conditions. She likes to get up early as she enjoys the sunrise. We continued to Plakaki and hastened back to the Promontory for the second circuit.

There was a pause before the second walk to pander to my brain. We had the thrower but fortunately Isabella didn’t require too much of that today. My right side is not very well adapted to using the thrower at present. We didn’t go swimming as I wanted to ride my bike and buy some bread.

I rode to the top of the mountain and around Paleochora stopping at the bakery for a brown rye. People noticed that I was a little mangled but then they didn’t see me one week earlier!

My morning was interrupted only by a call from Maria and one from Bona. Maria wanted a meter for the Dutch/Swiss guy in the new VW camper. Bona wanted a thermometer as her other half is unwell. I wonder what he has got…

Apparently, La Peste is rife in Paleochora and Third Eye had to close for a week as they were all too poorly. I think we just have to get on with it.

After the Swiss guy I went to see Gabi and Manfred who are due to leave tomorrow. I noticed their trailer was all packed up and ready in the car park. They have only the minimum of furniture to stow away for a quick getaway. Unless it’s very windy, my plan is to go to Kantanos to have my stitches out so will probably not be here when they go.

Maria is off to Athens tonight via the ferry to take her diploma. She will return as soon as she has sat the examination. Hardly a restful interlude.

I made up some new bungee cords to replace those broken on the Southern Sun Blocker. Hanging vertically has its disadvantages and all of the guy ropes are now made of repurposed washing line in the hope they don’t get doggy-nibbled. Those doggy teeth can easily chop through nylon line but it’s less easy with plastic-covered wire.

Maria confessed to having forgotten to bring me any food until around midnight however I assured her I’d been down to the kitchen long before then. Yesterday’s meal was very enjoyable and I could easily have eaten more of it. Not having any recent bread was a disadvantage although sometimes, I have so much food the bread doesn’t get eaten.

A chilly north wind to start the day which warmed up with the sun. A still evening but a little wind forecast for tomorrow.


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