In Stitches

I watched the second episode of an Apple TV series and then went to bed. It wasn’t as warm as recently which was a pleasant relief.

My plan was to ride to Kantanos to the clinic to get the stitches removed from above my right eye. I wanted to leave the camping by eight as the ride to the clinic in Kantanos is exactly 20km.

Our walk went well and was completed in good time. I then took the girlies out with the ball and thrower. Obi had absented himself but I’d forgotten to put on his collar so was unable to recall him. I looked out for him but was more interested in getting on the road so as not to be riding through the heat of the day.

There was a little headwind riding up through the mountains but the view was great and the gradients were not. I noticed a section of road has been resurfaced at the entrance to Paleochora as have a number of other sections further north. The road through the mountains as far and Kantanos is really quite good. I was only a short distance from the clinic when Manfred and Gabi drew alongside to wish me well and to say goodbye until their return in October.

I arrived at the clinic and was greeted by someone after around thirty seconds. She gave me a mask, led me to the treatment room and had me wait for the doctor. She arrived a few moments later and asked how I was. She was not on duty when I came in the previous Sunday. She cleaned up the scabs so that she could see the stitches but said they could have done with a few more days. I asked her to take them out as I wasn’t really up for coming back. Eventually, the stitches were removed and I was on my way. All done and dusted in less than thirty-minutes.

The ride back was easy as it’s mostly downhill from Kantanos to Paleochora and flat from there to the camping. It was very relaxing to whiz down the road taking in the wonderful views. I fed the dogs and then went in search of Obi who’d not returned after the walk. He turned out to be at the bar making friends with an English guy in Z6. I then got involved in a dispute between an Italian guy whose small child had banged its head either on the beach or in the play area. The point was that there visible rocks in the play area so there was nowhere to go. I didn’t know the full story however, with any of these problems, I feel it’s better to make it go away than create a circus for all to witness. Consequently, I did my best to do just that despite some people trying to poke their sticks into the hornets’ nest.

There were a few other diversions but I eventually managed to get back to the dogs. Other activities involved making a disclaimer notice for the play area and reconfiguring some of the rental tent entries in the booking software. The software lists things alphabetically which is interesting when there is a mix of English and Greek characters. Eventually, I think I found a solution satisfactory to Maria.

I understand that Maria didn’t go to Athens because she felt too tired to travel. Instead, she opted for a rest cure at the Grammeno Spar Resort. There were two calls from reception from customers who arrived to find no one there. These occurred during Tonya’s break at times when Maria had gone to do other things. I keep forgetting to remove the winter notice from the reception door.

I discovered a significant group of French youth as I rode out of the camping this morning. They have been around for much of the day making French Group Noises as would be expected. I don’t know how long they are here but it’s been a while since we’ve had a group as I don’t know if there’s been much travel by young people recently. Their National Holiday approaches.

Warm and sunny with some occasional light wind


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