There was a disturbance in the Force which caused some doggy excitement very early in the morning: possibly something to do with cats.

I was up soon after the alarm and it didn’t appear to take so long to get the dogs up and running today. Luis even managed to stay with us for the bulk of the time although he had his moments.

There have been the same cars parked in the beach car park for a few days. I don’t know where the people are as we didn’t encounter anyone kipping out on the Promontory and there was no one sleeping on any of the sun loungers on the the beach. The loo doors were open again this morning and require a quick squirt of oil after the inclement winter weather. I seem to be closing them every day. There was a small amount of littler on the beach including a carton which had contained tomato juice.

The morning was reasonably calm to begin with but became a little windy later on. It was comfortably warm so it seems that the hottest air has migrated northwards for a few days.

I took Isabella and Sasha for a walk following a little rest. Unlike yesterday, Isabella seemed keener to carry her ball than have me throw it. We met a German woman with two dogs just as we were leaving the Promontory. She is a fairly frequent visitor to the Promontory so I recognise her car.

I went up the mountain on the remaining power left in my batteries. It was quite windy at times so I even got off to save power as the batteries were quite low and it was also quite windy. A couple of fighters were heading east along the coast as I cycled up. Noisy as they are.

I had no reason to stop and I was back before half-nine. The dogs were silent so I fed them and then considered the day. I wanted to put back the meter removed from M6 and discovered that it had not been correctly configured so had not gone back on when the power was cut. It is now reinstated so hopefully that will be the last of it. I need to find some moments to put one in M4/5/7 but they are full of people which makes it more complicated.

Otherwise, I’ve been fiddling with websites and generally keeping myself busy. The wind died down during the day but is forecast to be with us again tomorrow.

I had a conversation with Petra about the rice/spinach dish from yesterday. She asked me what I felt and I replied that it was ok but not very exciting. Rice and spinach on its own is difficult to make very exciting. Tonight we have gemista with potatoes on the side. Speaking of which…

Averagely warm for July with a sensible temperature at night. Tomorrow is forecast to be windy again.


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