Bastille Day

I was tired so I was early to bed. Hopefully all this sleeping is helping with the repair job. Fanis tells me he’s much better, still testing positive but back at work with a mask.

With the morning came calm and warmth as well as a full moon. We were alone on the Promontory until almost back on the beach when some guy appeared armed with a strainer and polythene bag. We saw him later collecting salt, surprisingly…

A couple of vans adorned the beach road. The tent couple were not there as witnessed by the lack of car – just guessing. Otherwise an uneventful walk which started a little earlier than recently as I was awake and up.

I took the other two again after a short pause. Isabella wasn’t quite sure whether she wanted her ball thrown today so it was a little sporadic. It was still fine and not windy so I was able to do some decent throws now that my sore ribs are mending.

I rode up the mountain, took Anke’s letter and stopped at the bakery for a loaf then went back. It was more windy by now so I was being more careful on the open stretch of road which approaches Paleochora.

An email alerted me to the presence of the eye doctor in Paleochora today so I prepared myself for another trip into town around midday. One of the emails suggested there’s less waiting time after 12:30 which is about when I arrived.

The nice receptionist lady found my records and confirmed that it was seven years since my last visit. She bade me go into the doctor’s office and I was dealt with almost immediately.

His examination resulted in a new prescription. He said my eyesight had changed in the last seven years but my present glasses would do for now. There are the early signs of cataracts which will eventually start to cause me sight degradation. He checked for AMD and found nothing but suggested I call at his surgery in Chania for a test on a more sophisticated machine which is capable of very early detection. Otherwise, he relieved me of 50€, the same as I paid seven years previously, and I was on my way.

My next stop was a brief one to get a new dog brush from Heike. She seemed well and told me someone died in the pharmacy earlier. A case of the ”I said I wasn’t well”. I went to Petrakis and bought doggy dins as it’s likely to be windy for a few days so I might not wish to cycle over that way. I also bought oranges just in case. Since then Manolis brought me a huge bag full.

Since my return, it has become very windy. According to Windfinder, the wind could be with us until Tuesday which is not going to be a lot of fun and very bad for business.

I have put some rings into the decking so that it’s possible to fix the bottom of the sun-blocker to the decking in a vertical orientation. It gives some privacy and protection from the sun whilst hopefully allowing the sun blocker to survive the wind without self-destructing.

The wind continues to blow and the dogs are stressed: they’re lurking in the van or staying close to me. As for the customers, I can foresee cancellations for the weekend as well as departures especially if this keeps going until Tuesday. As for the camping, it’s impossible to keep any of the common places clean, leaves and wastepapers are blown about all over the place and a film of dust is inescapable. Who’d want to stay in a tent, sit on a beach to get sandblasted or stay more that a short time in such a windswept place?

Becoming progressively breezy during the day.


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