Four Black, Three Brown and One White

The wind blew all night but became more apparent once we were walking down towards the Promontory although, once there, it was sheltered. Only one car was in the car park, no FreeLoaders were discovered on the Promontory and two of the three vans from yesterday remained. The Italians and the French. I said the other was German but was actually Greek or at least had a Greek registration.

It was so windy on the beach that we walked up the road as the sea was chucking water at us. It was marginally less windy at the Alonaki end and it was far easier coming back. We’d been joined early on by Iera who went bathing with Sasha in the freshwater which still comes down the river under the riverbed and into the sea. Iera stayed until the end but didn’t accompany us back to the camping preferring to head off on her own.

We were out for a long time as I wasn’t planning to come out again. There’s only so much buffeting and sandblasting you can put up with and I felt that two hours was quite enough. After a brief repose, I set off on foot for the bakery in Kountoura to get a black loaf. It was hard enough walking against the wind so cycling would have been tricky. To the bakery and back is almost 4km but it seemed further with the blowiness. They had rye bread so it was worth the effort.

I had a rest once I was back as the dogs seemed happy to stay inside or to snooze on the floor nearby but I eventually fed them to their undoubted relief.

As for the remainder of the day, it huffed and it puffed but it didn’t quite blow down my house. Stuff is scattered all over the place but when you have an Isabella and a Sasha, stuff is always going to be scattered all over the place. No wind required. Sasha is getting better at absconding with my possessions although I caught her chewing gently on my shoelaces earlier.

My day was filled with updating computers to the newest versions of IOS, OS X and iPadOS. We’re now on the Public Beta of each which will be officially released and made generally available sometime in September.

Despite the best efforts of the wind, the southern sun blocker remains and has survived a gust up to 84km/h which is fairly breezy for down here in the midst of the camping. I’m surprised the anemometer still survives considering the abuse it gets. I should put it onto a taller pole during the winter.

There are still customers even though it’s jolly windy. It was unbearably hot in the kitchen when I went down for food and there seemed to be no lights for some reason. Today’s delight was fakes accompanied by some lightly-roasted potatoes on the side. Petra knows how much I like potatoes so usually gives me a portion in some form or other.

The wind is now becoming very tiresome. Fortunately, it mostly abates during the night although it looks like today might be an exception as it seems just to get stronger. Tomorrow is forecast to be calmer although still windy. As for Wednesday, less windy than of late but still not calm. It seems that ‘calm’ is not going to be with us for a while. At least with the wind, it’s not unbearably hot although I understand some parts of the island are on fire. Just for a change.

Windy from the outset and kept going all day. Otherwise not cold, just windy…


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