Just for a change, it had been windy during the night so I was looking forward to seeing how much windier it would be out on The Promontory. I was not disappointed as it was quite interesting traversing the rocks on the way back towards the beach and Plakaki.

We’d been joined by Iera as we entered the sandy bit so there were three crazy females on the beach. It was hard work going to Plakaki against the wind but not so much as the day before. At least the waves were just lapping against the shore rather than trying to get up the beach.

Crazy females in the river.

We were out for a longer time but I still took Sasha and Isabella out afterwards. The northerly wind was not warm, I didn’t need another layer but I wasn’t at all hot. Braced maybe.

Isabella didn’t seem keen to run after the ball so I carried the thrower for show more than anything. We walked to the end, across the lagoon and then spent a little time in a sandy area above the lagoon listening to the waves and generally chilling out. Sasha wandered off but Isabella dug herself in whilst I communed. By the end of it, there was sand in my ears and my hair. It was necessary to be in the sun to be warm!

We went back to the others and I fed all of them as well as the cats before sitting down to a cup of tea and a bit of a rest. I tidied up Isabella’s stuff but I shouldn’t have bothered as it’s been very windy again. Later, I borrowed a rake and raked up some of the larger rubbish scattered around the compound, collected together some leaves and removed a tree branch which had been threatening to push over the fence ages ago.

I sorted through a bucket of stuff throwing away some obvious rubbish which is now in an empty dog food bag awaiting transportation to the main rubbish bins.

The wind has been blowing hard all day and is still blowing effectively. It will continue at least until the end of Thursday as far as I can see. It is becoming exceedingly tedious to say the least. Everything is covered in dust but then at least it’s not too hot! Wot, only 28.8ºC!

Under 30ºC in July, what is the world coming to!


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