Still <30ºC

I didn’t fancy sitting outside longer than necessary once the sun went behind the workshop. I went inside to watch TV and even closed the roof vent having turned off the larger of the two fans! When I went to bed I actually got under a sheet. It seems autumn has skipped ahead of summer this year. Fortunately, this has absolutely nothing to do with the Climate Crisis as it’s normal for Scotland to be hotter than Crete!

The wind was still blowing well so I found it difficult to motivate myself from my bed. We were out a little later as a result. There were only seven dogs today as it might seem that Iera has been recaptured by her daddy or gone to explore in other areas. It was still quite windy, even on the Promontory as the wind appeared to be blowing from all directions simultaneously. I was deciding if I should ride to Paleochora and then take out Isabella and Sasha or vice-versa.

A man was petting Skinny as we emerged onto Alonaki Beach. He probably felt he may have bitten off more than he could chew when the rest arrived. I’m not quite sure what he was doing on the beach around 06:15 but he seems to like dogs. Another man was lurking by Azzuro but he scuttled off towards the rocks once he saw the mob bearing down towards him. Isabella and Obi had disappeared to the back of the Azzuro kantina so I took the opportunity to call them all to me rewarding them with biscuits. The man disappeared from view and we turned around having reached the rocks and walked back to the Promontory rocks to cross them the other direction.

We went back, I tested my brain and then took Isabella and Sasha for their additional walk. There had been a lull in the wind which appeared to end as we set off. Once back I was asked to look at the washing machine by Bona and went to the reception to pick up a letter for Anke which I delivered.

My route took in the mountain top, mail delivery to Anke, a stop at EKO not to get [copier] paper for Maria, Anatoli to not get rye bread as they ran out, and finally to Petrakis for some DDs for tomorrow. Then back to the camping to feed the creatures and get another cup of tea.

By this time, it was getting on so there was little morning left to worry about. I had a couple of support calls and emails from Inter Sport and LBS. Intersport are changing their telecoms provider for the Nth time which will require reconfiguring their routers so that things will continue to work. Unlike a domestic situation where the telco gives the customer a cheap, preconfigured router, this will involve reconfiguring the routers at all locations. It was only by accident that I discovered the Haywards-Heath store would be changing over in less than seven days. Anyway, why bother to tell your IT department about any of this? Someone will have to take the Haywards-Heath router home as it needs a reset anyway.

Whilst in Petrakis, I bought different lentils for the DDs to see if there would be any difference to them. Tomorrow, they will have yellow lentils for a change.

My food is warming in the IP and is fakes which I never tire of especially when it’s come from the Grammeno kitchens. I have a feeling it’s going to be another cooler evening as the temperature has not made it above the high twenties and the wind, just for a change, is still blowing strongly.

We didn’t make it to 30ºC for another July day! The wind blows on…

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