Goodbye Tonya

I found myself asleep in front of the black screen which hadn’t been active for sometime. Probably due to the excitement of watching Simon Templar’s latest defeat of the forces of evil. I was planning some kind of action but managed to fall asleep before actually achieving it. The time was 22:15 so I took myself to bed and was soon asleep. Fido needed a wander at 03:00 so I got up to let him out. I’d not been in bed long before he was ready to come back in.

There was still some wind when the alarm sounded at 05:25 but nothing like some of the recent mornings. I got the dogs together and we set off towards the beach, some more quickly than others. It seemed darker this morning although we were out at about the same time. There were no cars in the car park nor vans along the top of the beach. Something to do with the recent spate of wind I imagine. We crossed the rocks and walked up to Plakaki and then back again. We saw no other signs of activity other than the occasional boat in the distance. There were some stronger gusts of wind but nothing like the intensity and duration of the past week. We walked around the Promontory once more and then returned to the van. Suddenly, people appeared: a man with binoculars intently looking out to sea from the east side of The Promontory and some fisherpersons walking from the car park to the rocks.

I decided to ride my bike whilst the wind was calmer so set off up the mountain and around Paleochora. Today, there were no stops but back to walk Sasha and Isabella.

We’d not been out long when I received a message from Maria seeking help with the POS printer in reception. I said I was out but would go up there to check it out. The fishermen seemed to be having a lovers’ tiff on the rocks so we left them to it and continued back.

Maria was not in the office when I arrived but soon appeared so we could sort out the POS printer. She’d had instructions from the Bank’s help desk but hadn’t been able to follow them. I restarted the printer, it updated and all seemed ok. Maria then began the saga of the previous day’s events triggered by a forgotten payment for electricity. Maria was a little indistinct so I was struggling to follow. The upshot was that the reception team was given their marching orders for whatever reason. The details are too banal to bother with just consistent with an autocracy. Tonya hadn’t been happy almost since she’d arrived but said she’d stay with the job until the end. However, the order to go was a wonderful windfall which she couldn’t ignore. I can’t say I blame her but feel sorry for Maria since she will bear the brunt of the additional workload. Finding a suitable replacement so late in the game might be a struggle especially as they’re unlikely to know about the Grammeno Way of doing things.

I fed dogs and cats then made tea as this had been omitted from my morning ritual so far. There was still some wind but it was gradually calming which was a blessed relief. I had some IT to do for Simon which was interspersed with a conversation with Tonya. I shall miss our little chats and don’t fancy the idea of having to train a new one.

The day has been mostly sunny and gradually calmer. The sea should have settled down and it’s been warmer. I’ve been in front of the fan surrounded by dogs for most of the day although I found time to prepare the DDs which have been processed. We’re trying different lentils which have been soaked overnight. It’s usually deemed unnecessary to soak lentils before cooking, unlike beans. I understand soaking can remove toxins which might be an irritation to some delicate doggy digestive activities. We’ll see over the course of the next few days.

Tonight’s menu was Gigantes with some roast potatoes on the side. Petra tells me her knee is feeling better. Manos thanked me for tending to his errant sous vide water heater which had lost the plot following a power outage the day before. Litsa has had a problem with her smart TV talking to their WiFi router due to power failures during her absence. The camping is starting to fill up for the weekend so maybe the windy weather forecast for the weekend will not materialise.

The initial windiness gave way to a calm, warm and sunny day.


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