I managed to get to bed before falling asleep. Vincent had kept me awake with the excitement of an investigation into multiple murders. I’d not long been in bed when Sasha discovered something to bark at outside so I quickly explained this wasn’t a good idea.

The morning appeared dark, reasonably calm and at a good temperature. No one was about except nearer to the end with a lone car in the car park and one along the beach with a body which appeared for a short period of time. They could probably make out the hoards of dogs so ran away in dismay. The dogs meanwhile were calmly wandering the beach looking for treasures, following a dip in the river.

I went off to briefly play with meters and feed cats and then took Isabella and Sasha before going up over Panorama. Litsa waylaid me as I rode out of the camping asking if I’d drop by to sort out her TV which had stopped talking to the Internet.

I completed my trip with a stop at the bakery but not one at Petrakis which was a shame as I needed some bananas. Life is not the same without bananas. I don’t need to shop so much as I just have the dogs to provide for. Normally, at this time of year I’d be living almost exclusively on salad – tomatoes, cucumber, beetroot and the odd potato. I had a full battery so was quickly back at the camping after a brief stop to splash around in the sea for a few minutes. There were some lumps but my ribs are feeling a lot better so I ventured further out and back. I notice the new apartments, which the owner hoped to open in July ’21 might just receive their initial clients at the beginning of August [22]. They are undergoing their final makeover so are looking very smart. Individual pools and comfortable sun beds with white linen covers glistening in the sun. Very impressive and nicely manicured.

I put on some dry clothes before going to see Litsa. I needed my other glasses as my sunglasses are too dark for inside. Litsa was making rice pudding which she assured me has almost no milk in it… We fiddled around at length and had to reconnect her Netflix account which is a laborious task as the information can only be entered by selecting the characters from a grid. It takes ages. Things were a lot easier once we changed the TV’s language to English so that I could more easily understand the menu choices and not rely on Litsa’s technical Greek. I came away with some of her puddings which will make a welcome change to my daily repasts.

By this time, the dogs were feeling hungry and wanted to come out so were suitably pleased to see me. I fed them and then made tea and sat down for a rest.

I filled my day with providing information to Maria of departing customer’s electricity consumption and a little general wandering around though I’m trying to keep this to a minimum as the camping is becoming busier. We’re now approaching that busy period which I’d prefer to avoid.

I entertained myself with more database tutorials and other edifying material from Nebula. I shall see what TLDR’s daily briefing has to offer when I eat my stuffed tomatoes in a few minutes. At least I have rice pudding to make up for the lack of banana.

A calm start with the occasional gust becoming more breezy in the late afterhoon. The forecast is for more windiness on Saturday and particularly Sunday. Temperatures look set to hover around the low-mid 30s which is just fine for me. Unlike last year when we had a string of very hot days over 40ºC and nights around 30ºC at the beginning of August.

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