I was pleased it was breezy as the nighttime temperature hovered once again just above 30ºC. Thankfully, my fan was keeping me well-ventilated and at a reasonable temperature.

A few motorhomes and other vehicles have reappeared since the weekend, there was one car in the car park but I think that belonged to a fisherperson. Isabella was a little absent as I walked down towards the end of the Promontory which is unusual for her. She likes to check out the rubbish in case there are any discarded take-out meal containers left behind. I called her to me and she eventually camp puffing up behind me.

I carried my shirt the whole time we were out and only put it on when I went out on my bike. Both walks were particularly uneventful other than Isabella disappearance and the final stages of the lunar cycle. I took the girls out as soon as we were back and we saw a salt-gatherer on the rocks and a fisherperson in the distance. Another pretty uneventful walk.

I strengthened my brain before taking my bike up the mountain, over Panorama, around Paleochora stopping at the bakery and Petrakis for some DD’s in case it too windy tomorrow. A group of young people was walking towards Koundoura along the footpath from Paleochora. They were lugging back packs and were accompanied by some adults. I thought they might be heading to the camping however they were passing the gate as I cycled in having been for a quick swim off Alonaki.

Later, there was a message on Google Business from a group of 21 [Italian] backpackers with their own tents. They have asked about the possibility of staying at the camping for a few nights. I’ve replied to them and am awaiting a price from Maria. She has enough to do without having to bother communicating with group leaders.

I had to work as there was a power outage in Lewes which affected the telecoms and causing the servers to be off at Inter Sport as well as the Internet and telephones which all use the same system. Once it was ascertained the problem was exterior, I just needed to wait until services resumed and make sure everything booted up and the mail server came back on. My only other technical excitement was to put backup credentials for the VDSL changeover scheduled for the Wisdom Sports store in Haywards-Heath tomorrow.

It’s just so relaxing at this time of the year!

Slightly windy at the beginning and end of the day gusting only to 60km/h. The next few days may be slightly cooler. There are going to be periods of Green and Yellow wind over the next couple of days but nothing particularly exciting.


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