Bon Voyage!

For a change, the evening was cool so I sat inside and watched a couple of things including the episode of Dad’s Army where it’s discovered that Godfrey won the Military Medal in the Somme having admitted previously he was a conscientious objector. The medal was an award for tending to injured men under heavy fire. He’d previously single-handedly rescued The Captain from a smoke-filled training room.

My shirt was used to keep the mosquitoes away so still was the morning. Only at the end of the Promontory was there any semblance of a breeze as well as during the walk up to Plakaki. There was a car in the car park and some vehicles along the beach road. We discovered two maggots as we crossed the Big Beach and would probably have passed unnoticed had it not been for Sasha opening her Big Beak. I said good morning to one of the maggots as we walked past. Otherwise, the walks were uneventful.

I took Big Beak and Isabella out as soon as we got back but avoided the Big Beach on the way out. The maggots were vertical and were packing up and walking towards their car as we were walking back at the end.

I went up to the top of the mountain, over Panorama and around Paleochora. There is a new layer to the new road surface which I enjoyed the day I rode to Kantanos to have my stitches out two weeks before. The men were still there and were busy preparing to complete other work. My only stop was Alonaki Beach where the sea was calm and very pleasant during a quick swim.

Once back, I fed the creatures and put the DDs on to cook having cleared up some of the debris littering the counter top. The day promised to be warm so I felt it wise to get the DDs out of the way whilst I was still invigorated from my swim.

There was a succession of IT activities for the day. One was to monitor the router account changeover at Haywards-Heath, the next an Outlook problem for Simon and the final one some emails with Penny at EG. I understand their new website will soon be ready so they wish to take down some of the ‘temporary’ ones in anticipation. That will be good as it frees-up some of my hosting which has been rather dominated by ’temporary’ EG websites. My duties with EG will be further reduced as they slip into their newly-defined role. Nevertheless, our relationship was mutually beneficial over a number of years.

The day has been warm and windless so I’m glad I haven’t had to do anything too strenuous. The fan has been running since the morning so has been keeping me and sundry dogs cool for much of the day.

By comparison, the night started off quite ’chilly’ at around 26ºC until the temperature suddenly rose to over 30ºC at around three. The stillness and the warmth was great for the mosquitoes which cannot get me in the night but are able to make up for it when out on the walk. It was 33ºC as I rode up Panorama and through DownTown Paleochora.

Tony and Ursula left GatPort AirWick for sunny Athens where they will be attending their nephew’s wedding and associated celebrations during the next few days. Hopefully, their next excursion will bring them to Crete in the middle of September.

The nighttime temperature went over 30ºC having started off comparatively cool. The day was sunny and still and very warm at times.


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