A Swiss car was in the beach car park and we later discovered a tent pitched at the end of the Big Beach near the Rock. I guessed the approximate location when Isabella barked provoking a doggy response from that direction. I avoided the Big Beach until it was just the two females. Otherwise, the first walk was reasonably speedy and without unforeseen excitement.

I took the girls next so we were able to locate the tent which most likely had a dog. It was getting warmer so we didn’t hang around as I wanted to get into town for bread, some doggy bits and additional bananas and tomatoes. It’s good to have some salad to munch on.

I went up the mountain and around the town stopping at the port puppy village to see if there were any new residents. There were none so I continued to Anatoli and then Petrakis which seemed quite busy with visitors.

I stopped for a quick swim at Alonaki then rode back to the camping where I did nothing for a little while. Customers were having breakfast and generally being around so I kept the dogs in as they were quiet anyway. There was almost no morning left when I fed them and let them out. There was little activity as it was very sunny and warm so they just collapsed into a heap and went to sleep. A dog’s life if ever there was one. I’m not sure I was much more active as I spent time messing around archiving EG websites and downloading before deletion.

Ursula and Tony finally arrived in Athens following flight delays. They may need a little orientation time particularly Tony. Ursula visited the sea as well as the pool!

Temperatures below 30ºC during the night which are more relaxing for sleeping and walking. Isabella was the first in the sea and was in-and-out. They all seemed to delight in the rather stagnant water in the river bed. The tamarisks are thriving so will hopefully survive any winter flooding.

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