A Little Wind

For a change, at least from the past couple of days, it was windy and not particularly warm first thing. I put on my shirt which I didn’t take off until I went in the sea later.

A pickup appeared in the beach car park as we returned from our trek to Plakaki. Only five dogs made it that far as Luis tends to be lazy and Obi had gone on a short WalkAbout. He joined us after some remote persuasion from me. The driver of the pickup was a horta-gatherer who we see periodically. Sadly, Big Beak, Sasha always has to make some noise otherwise our passage may have been imperceptible. As it was, I shouted a cheery καλημέρα and we were on our way. He’d been busy as there were bags stuffed-full with greenery by the exit. Horta must be valuable since he goes to a lot of effort to collect and sell it.

One person who has not been seen for a while is Kostas. There have been no vehicle tracks, no motorcycle or any other sign of his visits. Only a couple of others who come to collect salt. Without all of his pumping activities, there can be little salt especially as we had some rain at one point. He told me he was working at Plakaki but I’ve not seen his 4×4 there or anywhere else for that matter. I’ll have to ask if anyone knows what he’s doing. This will be the first year he’s not collected salt through the summer as far as I can recall.

I came out with Isabella and Sasha once the boys were inside the van and settled. We didn’t bring a ball, as I think it’s a little warm for balls at present. The man was still gathering horta: we didn’t see him, just that the stash of bags had increased. On our return, I drank tea, exercised my brain then got on my bike to ride up the mountain.

It was quite windy at times so progress towards Paleochora was sometimes slow. Indeed, I left the motor carriageway for the cycleway at one point but rejoined fairly soon after as there were walkers approaching and I thought it’d just be easier.

It was blustery on the mountain in some locations where the wind funnels down. Strangely, I’m more observant to the wind than previously. I circumnavigated Paleochora, checked there were no puppies at the port and then headed to Alonaki for a quick dip. It was windy so progress was against the waves and I spent much of the session just marking time.

I fell asleep once I’d warmed up only to be woken by Sasha in search of food. Isabella was peacefully lying on the floor fast asleep. I gave in, got out of the chair and fed the dogs.

It was warm but not as warm as other days this week. The wind helped to keep the temperature down. I played with routers for a bit as the router in Inter Sport in Lewes is going to be upgraded on Monday so I want to change the software. The problem is that I don’t know if it’s a V2 model which makes all the difference to the software. I contacted support to see if they can point me to the correct version. I deleted EG websites to tidy up my hosting. I also need to transfer the email filtering software used by Inter Sport, LBS and EG over to a more recent platform which requires a different product licence. There were also the occasional minor camping-related activity mostly to do with electricity readings or fiddling things.

We are about to enter the busiest phase of the summer season as Monday is 1 August. Most of Greece will go on holiday despite the fact that many say they will not be able to afford it. The State is helping out with holiday vouchers to enable people to get away. Giving people a holiday and stimulating economic activity in the tourist industry. I believe vouchers are only valid in Greece. It will be maximum effort especially over the Holiday Weekend which is 13-15 August. From there, downhill to September and the Winter Season and I’ll have to become active again!

I’ve not been brave enough to ask Maria if someone has been found to replace Tonya but I suppose Georgia is still helping out. I’m doing my bit so long as it doesn’t involve me actually going anywhere or doing anything strenuous. 7/12 months is enough work!

It is now more blustery. Luis, Fido and Oskar are in the van as they made the mistake of barking recently. Skinny is on the rug in front of me and Sasha has been dreaming behind my chair. Movement has brought on the arrival of a Small Brown Dog with a Waggy, Fluffy tail. He knows to keep out of trouble or at least not get caught!

A windy and cooler start to a generally windy but sunny day. Tonight and tomorrow look a little breezy however Sunday should be calm.


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