Party Time!

A couple of days ago I noticed a poster advertising the Ammos Beach Party on 29 July. In the past, these events have taken place on a Sunday afternoon and have involved the kind of music which drills through your head. I’m pleased to report that the party went quite well, but obviously noisily and the music, apart from being loud, was not the same as other years. I’m not sure when the event ended as I was in bed asleep. I’m certain the residents of Cedar Bay Villas breathed a sigh of relief even though they were probably invited to join in the fun. Somehow, I’m not convinced they would have rushed to attend. An added advantage for the dogs was that there was a plethora of exciting delights to discover. Naturally, the event included a meat-fest and the obligatory BBQ.

It was windy when I got up and became windier as time went on. I lost a couple of dogs as they were exploring the site of the meat-fest to glean anything remotely edible. That’s because I never feed them so they’re on the brink of starvation. After some remote persuasion, I managed to get them all to catch up. Obi was one of the last to appear.

It wasn’t cold just windy. The sky was reasonably clear so I could see Venus and the soft morning light seeping up from behind the mountains. The sea was a little active but not crashing onto the beach. The doggies seemed interested in lots of smells but we managed to arrive almost together at Plakaki. I had to rescue a cat which had been discovered by Isabella. Strangely, all of the dogs came racing back once Isabella, the prime mover, uttered a brief yelp. Pour encourager les autres!

There were no fishermen, salt-gatherers, Horta-gatherers or maggots of any kind, just one car in the car park and sundry vehicles along the beach road. The couple in the tent have returned after a short absence. All dogs bar Fido made it back at the end so he found himself on another walk with Sasha and Isabella. He had been in the process of ripping out the bottom of a plastic bag full of party rubbish until I intervened and put the bags into the trash bin. Why they had been just left, open, next to the bins I do not understand. Disappointed, Fido followed us on the second Promontory Walk.

I drank tea whilst exercising my brain then went into Paleochora via the mountain and Panorama. The trip in was hampered by strong crosswinds so progress was sometimes slow. It was also interesting on the last part of the mountain where it funnels around a bend in the road. I stopped at Anatoli for bread and Petrakis for some doggy food, bits and oranges for me. As of this moment, the food has yet to be delivered which is unusual for Petrakis but then it’s a busy time. I’m sure Maria would have said if it was left at reception.

I stopped at Alonaki for a swim but it was windy and the sea was rougher than earlier. I swam regardless but wasn’t up for a trip out to the buoys.

Noisy came to take Sasha for a walk with one of his little friends. I offered them both females but, for some reason, they just stuck with Sasha. They took her for a walk on the beach so she came back wet and sandy. In the meantime, I’d fed the others and put Isabella in.

As it was another sunny and warm day, activity was low on the list for everyone and I felt I’d probably done enough too. I put the DDs on to cook and have yet to process them however this can wait until I’ve eaten my meal and the Doggy Rice is cooking. After her additional outing with noisy, even Sasha is still reasonably inert.

The camping seems quite busy although Maria had managed to escape from the office for a moment. So far, my phone has rung only once today and they hung up before I managed to answer. Michaelis tells me that, with the amount of running around he’s been doing, he’ll soon be as thin as me. I’m skeptical.

After initial windiness, the day calmed down so the punters were able to enjoy the beach without being sandblasted. There are quite a lot of punters seeing as it’s a weekend and almost the beginning of the main holiday season. I shall be in hiding for at least the next two weeks!

There was plenty of activity as I walked down to the kitchen just after five. The ten minutes I was down there was enough time in the camping for me!

It was under 30ºC until nearly two in the morning however the wind compensated for the heat. Fortunately, the wind moderated during the morning until the late afternoon.

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