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Stillness prevailed as my brain connected itself to the day. One of those ’carry your shirt’ days. It was busy with several tents along the beach road and a number of vehicles of different sizes. Some which’ve been there a while and others which appear to come for the weekend. There were some cars in the car park and our passing disturbed the dog attached to the couple sleeping rough on the Big Beach. We didn’t actually go anywhere near the dog but that was immaterial as it barked anyway. Nevertheless, we made it to the rocks and back onto the beach for the walk to Plakaki with the minimum of fuss.

All but Luis made it to Plakaki where biscuits were dispensed. It was now properly light as we walked back along the beach rather than the road due to the number of occupants. Isabella was aiming to say good morning to someone who was up and about but I steered her back in case he wasn’t that keen on early doggy visits. We avoided the noisy dog although I needed to redirect a couple who were planning on a visit. We recrossed the rocks and returned to the van. I took the girls out immediately.

The couple were active as we walked back across the Big Beach as, by now, it was not long till eight – a perfectly reasonable time to be up on a Sunday. We gave a wide berth and went back to the van via the beach and a paddle. I drank tea before heading off on my bike with a stop at the office which was a poor decision. I got involved in things there which held me up so it was getting warm as I rode towards town. Warm as I climbed Panorama and warm as I went through the town. There were no stops other than a brief splash around in the sea off Alonaki where it was mostly calm but not flat.

I’d found that the doggy food had been left at reception yesterday and Maria said she’d ask Michaelis to bring it to me in his truck. She wasn’t there when he arrived so he never got the message. I walked up later to carry the food back. Maria had friends in the office and one leapt to his feet to carry the 20kg of food for me all the way to the compound gate. I only bought 20kg as we use it more slowly as it’s summer and there have been a lot of little maggots invading mostly the dog food. I felt that not storing food for a while might get rid of the maggots and the Petrakis van comes daily anyway. I must be very old so that young men fetch and carry for me. What a polite young man!

Today was not the hottest day of the month by 0.1ºC and certainly not the hottest day of the year either as that was in June. We roasted and I did things with servers and the like.

I was reminded that it is Georgia’s birthday, tomorrow is Janne’s and Maria will be 52 on 3 August. So many celebrations!

The camping remains busy even though it’s Sunday as customers are staying for their holidays. Some have only come for the weekend but there’s not the mass exodus of a regular Sunday afternoon. The kitchen was busy so Petra was quick to get rid of me with a huge amount of peas, potatoes and whatever those other things are but are very tasty. The restaurant was busy and there’s probably some event to mark Georgia’s age-gain later. Dancing until the early hours and good luck to anyone in Z6 if you’re not at the bar and intend sleeping before 02:00. I’m sure Dimitris and the other servers will be equally delighted.

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