Some fearful event brought Isabella over her compound fence: she was sitting nervously next to me between the fan and the chair. I explained that she is a far better door than a window but eventually she lay down so that some of the air got as far as me. I left her and Sasha outside with Obi as referee when I retired to bed around eleven.

There was still the usual squeaking and fussing as I got the others ready although perhaps slightly less when she’s on her own all night. The beach was less congested with vehicles and tents than yesterday. A motorcycle was parked in the beach car park but we found no evidence of any FreeLoaders on the Promontory. The weekends are usually busier. I had to hustle the dogs on a little as they dispersed in the hope of picking up some take-out morsels left over from the weekend. I’m certain they know which day of the week it is.

Obi was with us however Oskar took a little time to catch up as we went over the rocks and back onto the beach for Plakaki. We chatted to the nice lady who lives in the tent with her man. She likes the dogs and I can talk about dogs in Greek for a reasonable time. We progressed up to Plakaki and back again for the second visit to the Promontory. The Nice Lady was now swimming so able to watch us pass down the beach. I took them all back, checked some server updates before taking Isabella and Sasha out again. We didn’t meet anyone except the German lady with her dogs so were back at the camping in time for me to rush off up the mountain and you know the rest but with a stop for a black loaf and some sandwiches for Bona’s children. One without mayonnaise.

I stopped at Azzuro to check out the sea as I’ve not been in the sea from there before. Only a woman was in the water nearby for just a few minutes. I rode back along the cycle track which is more like a switchback in places where the kerb is dropped to access all the properties.

I got slightly tangled up in a couple of arrivals requiring meters and downloaded the graphs from all of the properties which have meters installed.

The postman brought me another, new Sonoff meter which has a display however I’ve yet to get it to talk nicely to the app on my phone due to technical complications. It’s a new product and these things take time to have the bugs ironed out.

The Lewes router upgraded itself successfully last night and has gone over to whatever new arrangement they have with Cavendish Communications. I forget how many times they’ve switched providers now. At least the routers are up-to-date and all working. The backup device has been switched back on by Ray so the daily backup should process as expected. I have only to sort out why the notification email no longer works and restart the Exchange Server following updates.

Georgia called me to say that there was a new arrival requiring a meter down by the beach, that Maria is in bed unwell as are some of the bar and serving staff. The joys of the hospitality industry. Dimitris says he’s worked a lot of hours recently. Only another three weeks and the hardest part of the season will be over.

Janne phoned me on his way back from work and we managed a pretty reliable video call as he drove to their summer residence not far from Stockholm. We discussed when he might retire and he was talking about a couple of years time. He’s 65 today.

I went down to put another meter for some Italians and then stopped by the kitchen for some food.

It’s been a warm and mostly wind-free day so a good start to the month of August.

Monthly Summary July 2022
Daily Summary 1 August 2022


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