I sat outside watching a very interesting documentary on Curiosity Stream about Volvo’s quest to make their trucks safer. It featured a stunt with Jean-Claude Van Damme standing between two Volvo trucks as they gradually moved apart leaving him at full stretch between them. Only with the advanced driving functions of the Volvo trucks would this be possible. Another, less gripping but amusing stunt, was a hamster in a large wheel strapped to the Volvo steering wheel being coaxed by means of a carrot to change position in the wheel to turn the truck as it laboriously climbed from the depths of a quarry.

I woke up at four and put my watch on charge as it was taking a while yesterday as it was so warm. AW4 doesn’t charge quickly or even at all when it’s too warm.

We went out at 05:40 to be met by a welcome breeze as we walked up towards the rocks. More wind is expected tomorrow and the following days. Sometimes, it’s just like this… We crossed paths with a man wearing a head torch walking towards the car park. I’m not sure, but I expect it was Kostas. I imagine he’s not using his 4×4 or it still has a mechanical problem which is why there have been no tracks in the sand. Added to that, we’ve been going out later…

Our walks to Plakaki and back were uneventful so the dogs were inside just after seven and, following a quick server check, the two ladies had their second walk. We met Xanthippos on the way back who explained an accident with some of his beehives and the fact there was alleged damage inflicted to the CBVillas during the party. He went off to clean the pools. The events were unrelated.

I went into Paleochora via the top of the mountain stopping at Petrakis for some doggy bits for the DDs. Stuff doesn’t keep so well during the summer so it’s better to get it as needed. I returned via the sea where I had a bit of a splash around in the waves. There were not that many people in the water as the Alonaki side was windy and wavy.

I fed dogs and got on with the DDs after a brief sit to dry off. It was getting warm so a general tranquility descended. I amused myself playing with servers and scripts to warn me of successful backup completion and the like. I’ve know the backup have completed just that the mails were not arriving. That was until the last power outage when the backup device didn’t start properly which could have been a little tricky. The Exchange Server had updates the previous evening but the Exchange services hadn’t started as expected. This is quite common so I expected it and started the services using a script.

Other excitements of the day included an al fresco shower later in the afternoon and other similarly demanding activities. It was hot, however the next few days are likely to be windy so consequently cooler.

Wandering around the camping I can see there are quite a few customers although those next to me are virtually imperceptible. They might find me quite a noisy neighbour.

Breezy first thing but then calm and sunny through the remainder of the day. The early morning and the next few days may be a little breezy.


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