Happy Birthday Maria 25 Today!

I watched another interesting documentary on Curiosity Stream, this time about everything that goes into producing meals on aeroplanes. London Heathrow was the airport being served by the company which supplies thousands of meals to many different carriers. Like most people, I’d never really considered the logistics of providing meals on a long-haul flight for example. It’s a precision exercise to get everything prepared, cooked, chilled, packed, shipped and loaded onto the plane by the time the passengers arrive. Not even taking into account delays on the roads or at the airport.

I decided we should start getting up earlier as I find it’s too much of a rush in the mornings and it’s too warm by the time I go out on my bike. I think I’m almost repaired now so there’s no longer an excuse to loaf in bed half the day, well 05:25 anyway. I managed to forget to change my alarm but my brain work me up so we were out of the gate at 05:30.

I’d put all of the collar lights on as I’d not been bothering recently as it was light enough quite quickly. Even though we were only about fifteen-minutes earlier, it seemed a lot darker as I made my way over the rocks. There was no one about today only the motorcycle which has been parked several days and the same collection of tents and vans from the past couple of days along the beach. We arrived almost together at Plakaki and I managed to stop Isabella and Obi from sloping off into the car park behind the beach bar.

It was getting lighter as we walked back so we were able to complete our second circuit more quickly. Once back at the van, I took the girls out immediately as I was keen to get out on my bike before it warmed up. Our walk was pleasant and undemanding as there was no ball to throw and we didn’t even find one.

I exercised my brain and drank some tea before setting off for the mountain and a trip around Paleochora. I stopped at the harbour to see the PAWS puppies which have been transferred to the former fishermen’s cafe during the warmer weather. They just about allowed me to pet them but were less than impressed by being disturbed!

Pretty unimpressed dogs. I managed to pet the one in the foreground. The others were just not interested.

From the port to Anatoli and then back to the camping via the beach. The wind had pushed me back speedily so I suspected it might be a little windy and rough for swimming especially as there were strong gusts. No one was in the water and it was windy and getting rougher so I turned around and went back to the camping. I lazed around a little before releasing and feeding the dogs.

Apart from a couple of calls from Maria about electricity for customers, I’ve wandered the camping labelling the meter boxes for convenience. One of the boxes is connected to a long extension cable with a multitude of tents plugged into it. It will be interesting to see how much is used. I moved the meter previously recording the fridge in the customer kitchen to the laundry room to keep an eye on the washing machine. It will be interesting to know how much electricity the washer uses during the peak season.

Michaelis showed me the amount of supplies currently stored in the workshop. I came back to see a couple of guys struggling to offload a pallet of bottled water. Apparently, there should be enough stores to keep the camping going for the next three weeks including the Holiday Weekend which is the weekend after next.

It’s now getting quite windy and the forecast indicates it will last all night which will be exciting for the punters staying in tents. I might take down the wind chimes or they can become annoying during the night.

Sasha is hinting that I should be feeding them. Not that she’ll get very much as I caught her breading into the container of mixture so it’ll be mostly rice and biscuits for her.

The night was positively glacial with a low of 26.6ºC and nothing near 30ºC. The day has been warm but mostly windy getting more so as we head towards sunset.


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