4Bl, 3Br and 1W

My entertainment was a continuation of a series on the Indian railways based around Mumbai. This episode, the reporters are going on a long-distance trip and seeing how the station handles the trains when they arrive back. India is a sizeable country so the trains cover quite a few km. The Indian railways were built during the British Rule of India so they designed for gracious travel for the British and shifting goods for export worldwide to bolster The Empire. I watched an equally interesting documentary about the beginning of the WWI. How the nations sleep-walked into such a devastating catastrophe. Interesting parallels to current situations. Maybe we’ve learned something?

I had plans to get out early but as I still didn’t change my alarm and it was windy, we were out around the normal time. Iera was waiting for us on the Promontory. She joined us for the walk to Plakaki and back. Watching Iera, Isabella and Sasha playing was amusing. Iera finds Sasha slightly annoying but all three managed to play nicely together. I was throwing a stick into the sea and Isabella was hurling herself in after it, despite some hefty waves breaking over. She kept bringing back the stick so I kept chucking it into the water. Sasha bounced around playfully trying to grapple the stick as Isabella emerged and Iera cheered noisily from the beach.

Iera stayed by the lagoon once we crossed the rocks for the second time and didn’t follow us back to the camping. She was still there when I went back with Isabella and Sasha but again declined to come back with us. Her master came in search of her so I was able to point him in the right direction. I think she’s wise to the fact that he comes to the camping to reclaim her.

It was quite windy so I decided to go in the direction of Sklavopoula where, of course, there was no wind at all. It’s not so bad amongst the greenhouses and is mostly ahead or behind on the mountain sections. Hard going when the wind is from the north… There are lots more broken greenhouses than there used to be.

My previous neighbours with the little dog have morphed into a group of younger people who have camped right up against the boundary fence. Not such a cunning plan so I’ve had to curtail access for Oskar, Luis, Fido and Sasha today. The latter three were confined to the SDC and Oskar to the inside of the van. Today, they were all instigators.

We only have a couple of weeks of this and it’ll be all over for another year and we can get back to normal. If customers choose to pitch right on my fence, they have to live with the consequence of their decision.

I received an email from Kirsti saying that she, Jorma and Siiri are planning to start to head south sometime in September. They’re coming to stay at Grammeno for the winter as they did last year. They are enjoying Finland in the summer but have not travelled in their van so much due to the cost of diesel. They still have a half-used cylinder of gas in the storeroom and they have the modified gas line which enables them to use the larger cylinders which stand outside the van. They like to keep warm during their stay. Probably a lot warmer than in Finland!

I had a couple of IT tasks and an enquiry from Clive at Lewes Smith. Apparently, he plans to retire quite soon. Something to do with being 69 in the very near future. I suggested that retirement has a lot going for it.

The strong wind died down as the day progressed so it was probably quite pleasant on the beach in the afternoon. I went down to deal with a meter by the Lamp Pole, a Swiss (German) who says he’ll come back in the winter. My next foray into the camping was to the kitchen where Petra started ladling Female Digits into my grub container but then decided I may as well have the whole lot. I’m so full I could pop!

There are many more customers in the camping so I believe we can safely say we’re in the lead-up to the busiest period. Another ten days and it’ll all be over!

Windy first thing which stirred up the sea particularly on the Alonaki side. The wind moderated to give a wam day with plenty of sunshine and enjoyment on the beach for the numerous punters. Tomorrow should be cooler and also windy.


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