Fresh Figs!

I was tied up with the second episode of the WWI series which I’m watching on Curiosity Stream. I’d planned to go back to Mumbai but decided to go to bed instead. It was around ten and I didn’t have any problem falling asleep.

I still failed to achieve my goal of getting up a lot earlier however we did get out earlier than yesterday. I wanted to get into Paleochora to avoid the forecast strong wind. It was virtually still whilst we were walking but I could see it building up. I set off reasonably early but still had time to climb the mountain and visit the PAWS puppies where I found Manolis chewing the fat with some of his mates. He suggested I might wish to take a couple with me. Cute though they are, I have enough dogs.

I stopped for bread and at Petrakis for some bits for the DDs which is another story. I rode back but couldn’t work out why my battery indicator was so low considering I’d charged them a few days previously. Something to do with not turning on the rear battery which makes a lot of difference. Manolis called out to me as I rode into the camping so I spent some time with him and Litsa who produced a huge bowl of fresh figs straight from the fridge. I planned only to eat a couple but ended up eating all the damaged or split ones in case they went off. I just hope there’s plenty of paper in the loos! I could hear some doggy noise and I had wet shorts after my swim so I returned to the van. The neighbours had tied quite a nice little dog near the corner of the compound which explained the excitement from within. With the dog so close, there’s going to be barking so I didn’t get too concerned about it.

Maria contacted me several days ago about the supplier accounts as some of them were due payment. I decided I’d take up some of the slack and volunteer for the job of bookkeeper now that Tonya has left. With the amount of time I put in, it would have been easier for me to deal with it from the outset and I would have designed the system differently. Tonya worked quite hard with them and she has not been gone that long. Maria gave me a great load of papers which I sorted through so I’ve spent most of the day getting the invoices organised and up-to-date. I’ve not quite finished as it was very windy so I was unable to spread papers out on the table without suitable weights to prevent them from blowing away.

As I walked back from the office, a horrid smell permeated the air and it wasn’t difficult to guess from whence it originated. Work was completed on the two poo tanks in the middle of the camping and by the bar. The main tank at the top was not satisfactorily dealt with so is still causing problems. It must have been loads of fun for the people who are camped nearby as it was pungent from where I am. Michaelis appears to have made it go away but Georgia is still concerned so is disappearing into a sea of stress. At least, with the accounts straight, that will make things slightly easier. I like a challenge and don’t mind creating accounting spreadsheets as it keep the LGC* active as M Poirot might say.

As a consequence of the bookkeeping, the DDs were not put on early enough so I’m waiting to put in my food as the DD’s have yet to depressurise. Petra was rather stressed when I went down for grub. She, like everyone else, is working very hard. It’s hot and it’s windy and there are loads of customers.

I’ve had to corral the dogs as the combination of wind, dogs and close neighbours was causing excitement. I was trying to concentrate on the numbers and stopping the invoice from blowing away in the wind. I could see that there’s quit a bit of money outstanding so I need to get a grip on it so that the suppliers can be paid. Georgia is a little paranoid about paying the suppliers so I’d better get it sorted. Apparently, Maria was up late with Georgia trying to sort it all out. The last thing either of them need to be doing during the busiest time of the year when there is one person down in the office and there’s a shit problem.

Fido started to make a fuss even though he was in the SDC with Sascha who just followed him in there. For some reason, this spooked Isabella who then decided to scale the fence to come out of her area. She has proved more that once how easily she can come out but I think she doesn’t mind having her own space during the day. I’ve taken to letting her stay out all night with Sasha and she’s out until around midday with her too. Isabella caught herself on the fence so I had Fido barking and her in pain. I shut Fido up with his collar and Isabella managed to disentangle herself without intervention from me. She’s happily lying in front of the fan next to me with Skinny under the chair. Most of the others are inside so it’s very peaceful.
*Little Grey Cells

Cooler and windy at times. The weekend will be about the same but without the wind.

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