Lazy SunDay

There were a couple of gusts as we walked up the Promontory but I hadn’t really studied the forecast so didn’t know what to expect. Most dogs soon arrived for some biscuits to provide strength to cross the rocks. Some fishing boats were in the distance and Venus was floating over the mountains.

We crossed and were soon walking towards Plakaki. Isabella disturbed some ladies who’d been sleeping on the beach. Nothing like a large dog with a red, flashing light first thing on a Sunday morning. I called her back so they might resume their composure or even their slumbers. Some more bodies were adorning several of the loungers at Azzuro but they left just as the dogs arrived and scuttled off through the bar to the car park. We went on, turned and came back. There was only one body lurking around as we returned.

Having crossed the rocks for the second time, and avoided the maggots on the Big Beach, we encountered a rather surprised fisherperson heading up to dangle his maggot. He seemed pretty relaxed once he’s got over the initial surprise.

I came out with the girls to do the Promontory again but this time we met no one. It was still reasonably cool but sunnier on the second walk. We were soon back, I exercised my brain, only 364 more days not to forget to do it, then set off for Paleochora.

There was a slight breeze but progress was good including up Panorama and to the top of the mountain where there was a little more wind. After a brief stop at the bakery, where I was the only bread customer, I rode back towards Grammeno with a stop at Alonaki for a quick dip in a very calm sea. I floundered around for a while then spent ten minutes drying in the sun before riding back to the camping. I put on some dry shorts then went to the office to return all the invoices I’d recently processed. I suppose I’d better give Maria a link to the spreadsheet so she can see the results of my labours.

The dogs were waiting for their food so I obligingly dished it out then made some tea for myself. I tried to stuff something else in the freezer at which point the door came off at the hinge. Serves me right for not removing the ice from the freezing section. I left the door for later as I was more interested in the tea and a sit down.

The wind, which got up very suddenly whilst I was visiting the office, was now blowing quite hard with gusts to 8Bft (Gale Force Eight) if you prefer. The dogs were scatty so I just chilled, fell asleep and eventually drank my cold tea a lot later.

I had no great expectations of the day and was contemplating deep relaxation. I also wanted to charge up the anti-bark collars in case I needed them. At present, the dogs have their regular collars on which I have to charge up at night. The automated collars can be a little indiscriminate but are handy when I’m out.

I decided to take up the recently-donated rug to put some foam floor tiles underneath. The rug was becoming deformed by the gaps between the floorboards and is too hard for kneeling with just boards underneath. The floor tiles are not doing anything so they may just as well be useful under the rug. The whole rug experience is much better so it’s possible to kneel comfortably which is great for doing exercises now that there a large, reasonably uncluttered area of decking ‘inside’. I’ve left the sun blocker in the vertical position because of the recurring wind. I remember it being windy like this a few years ago.

I didn’t go out much but there were even more punters when I went down to pick up my meal from the kitchen. Petra presented my with two foil containers one with a couple of stuffed tomatoes and chips, the other with some Ladies Digets. Neither really was enough however both provides plenty so I shall be stuffed!

The meal boxes have now been consumed, literally as the dogs have dismembered the foil containers too. I shall have some salad once the dogs are fed as I still have plenty of dolmades to eat and the rice won’t improve in the fridge.

Quite calm early but suddenly becoming windy around 10:00. Plenty of sun and warmth.
The wind suddenly got up in the space of a few minutes but moderating now. Tomorrow and the next few days should be calm with more wind forecast for Wednesday.

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