Turtle Activity

I remembered to change the alarm time so I was out of bed just before 05:05. It was dark and not yet moonlit as we crossed the field. I pinged Luis a few times to make sure he was paying attention and so that he might know I was on his case. He kept up, more or less, and made it halfway down the beach to Plakaki. I gave him biscuits anyway, just for effort.

There was a car in the car park and we discovered the tent only as we were leaving after the Second Coming. The tent was in a good position, well out of the way, and not in one of the favourite spots for FreeLoaders. Otherwise, our first walk was quite ordinary. I immediately went out again with the girls so we were back at the camping and I was no my way to Paleochora on newly-charged batteries.

There was little wind for the walk and it was quite still as I rode towards town and up the mountain. A little more as I descended the mountain and went down from Panorama. Still no puppies at the cafe.

I had no need to stop for anything as I have bread from yesterday and will go shopping tomorrow as it’s DDs day again. It was still equally calm when I arrived at the beach so spent a little while swimming around and then sunning myself on the beach. It was just after nine so I was actually ahead for a change. Comes of getting out of bed I suppose.

I went back to the camping and made some tea as I felt the dogs could stay inside a little longer. I exercised my brain and then fell asleep in the sun. Sasha decided it was breakfast time so I fed the girls and then the boys. By now it was warmer so I tuned on the floor fan and made more tea. I know how to enjoy myself!

There were no other demands upon my time so i rinsed the salt out my shorts and left them to soak with a polo shirt and a little detergent. Not the most efficient way of washing but I have so little to do and the shorts needed a rinse anyway.

I ordered a USB stick for the Bar Music as Dimitris said he didn’t have anything large enough for me to put it on. Soon, they will be able to play all of their music again, following the demise of his laptop. They really don’t like water!

I saw signs of turtle activity whilst walking back from Plakaki this morning. The nexts were a good way from the sea so the turtlets will need to get their act together to find the wet bit. So far, I’ve not seen any turtle activity on the Promontory.

The wind got up soon after I was back after swimming and has been stronger than expected at times. Gusts to 62km/h at times. It settled down in the afternoon and has been warm and sunny which is the main thing.

On my trip to the kitchen to collect a vat of chickpeas (windy again tomorrow) I noticed there are tents in other places: next to Janne and Erica and behind T2. Usually, these places are used when there’s not so much space elsewhere. I think the punters are allowed to pitch wherever they choose so it might not necessarily be optimal use of the available space. Things are getting busy down by the beach particularly. But then, this is considered prime real-estate.

Sasha has been cleaning her teeth with a large chunk of rescued polystyrene insulating foam so now we have little, blue bits of confetti scattered about everywhere. I started to rake up the other day so have removed the larger rubbish which is either blown or dog-scattered about.

Calm early on until around ten and then a little windy. Tomorrow morning might be a little windy too.


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