The Holiday!

Fido needed to stretch his legs during the night so I was hanging around at three waiting for him to return. He wasn’t long so I was able to get back to bed and to sleep before it was time to get up again. I beat the alarm again and so we were on the way quite quickly to enjoy the moonlit seascape and the silence of the sea. No less than thirteen cars and two vans were parked in the beach car park as well as those parked along the beach road. A couple of tents were pitched by the entrance to the Promontory so I took the dogs in another way. There were none up the east side but five or six on or near to the Big Beach. Several more were along the beach road as well as the aforementioned vans various.

I was a little lax at keeping them together considering all of the distractions so we got a little spread out along the beach. All bar Luis had caught up as we walked back from Plakaki. I forgot the large tent at Azzuro. We passed silently by the Big Beach community to the end and back on the east side. No need to push your luck. I came straight out again with Isabella and Sasha so we walked up the Big Beach and back down the east side taking in the two-tent family group near to the entrance. I suspect some of the dogs visited them on their way past as not all of the dogs followed me on each occasion.

I rode up the mountain and around by the port as usual stopping only to buy a loaf. I decided against the beach as I wanted to check on some items in the office to discover the printer was almost out of toner. There were some replacement non-original toners so I installed one to discover the shop had got around the non-printing problem by installing a genuine toner cartridge. The printer was in the shop most of the winter. The replacement cartridges are not recognised by the printer so after quite some effort on the part of Francesco and myself, we found the chip which talks to the printer. By dissembling the cartridges and swapping the chip from the genuine to the copy cartridge, the printer will accept the copy cartridge but still remembers the page count so says the cartridge, although new, is almost empty. It’s possible to buy a gadget which will reset the chip or buy replacement chips which have a page count up to 10,000! From China naturally.

I took in some washing from Bona as she was overwhelmed again with nowhere to hang and dry it. There was quite a lot of wandering around but I found time to fall asleep and change the battery in the scales which have been in the office for general use. Maria was not very happy as the scales are not telling her what she wishes to know! Not helped by my toe being on the back of the scale when Litsa and Maria weighed themselves. Maria will come in early in the morning for a reweigh as she’d also just eaten. I weigh the same as I did last summer but will put it back on during the winter when I eat more. Despite the tons of food Petra keeps giving me!

It was much calmer in the kitchen this evening but I went there later anyway. Some customers left today but there have been many arrivals. Maria was on a break so Litsa was in the office so I showed a German family to one of the motorhome bays. He said he’d reserved a place and was a little confused when I talked about offering him an option. When you reserve a place it means you’ll have somewhere to stay but not necessarily a specific place. People don’t grasp this easily.

The day is drawing to a close, the camping is still very busy but we’re past the peak so it’s downhill all the way from here. Slowly, everyone will start to relax a little and September will be much more leisurely.

Warm and sunny with a slight wind at times. The weather looks to be stable for the next few days.


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