It was late when I went to bed, for me at least. The neighbours were already quiet so I was creeping around trying not to make a racket. Only a week or so more and there should be fewer tent rentals hopefully so no one next to the North Wall. One of the advantages of the tent rentals is that others won’t come down here because of them.

Two vans were in the beach car park, both with dogs of some kind. One was tied up outside the other, I suspect, was brought in after our first passage as there seemed to be no noise later on when we came back. It was warm and moonlit. I carried my shirt. Most of the dogs stayed with me for most of the time. There were quite a few vans along the beach road and the odd tent. Isabella wandered around at the top of the beach amongst the vans on the way out but I kept them on the sea shore with me on the return. We gave the barking dog a wide berth; I think he just wanted to join in.

Isabella seemed full of beans so kept trying to ’play’ with Oskar who is not all that fond of her attentions as they have been known to become more physical than he likes. We took a longer route back over the rocks to avoid the barking dogs. It made a change anyway but just took longer.

A man with a large bag was walking towards the shore. He seemed to respond favourably towards the dogs and was interested more in the larger dogs, particularly Skinny although he thought Isabella was a fine dog. I explained that they were all from the beach and had been with me a while. Isabella went into the water and swam around so I explained she liked to do that a lot and would swim out after a ball. As it turned out, the guy was still there, changing to go diving so Isabella was able to show off her swimming prowess. Otherwise, our walk was uneventful but enjoyable and I was on my way to the bakery and Petrakis via the mountain top. The man with the dog was picking up olives from the road today so was without dog. We said hello as is customary.

I bought spinach pies for Bona and two of the boys and a cheese pie for Noisy as I understand he doesn’t like spinach. I just bought a loaf for me then went to Petrakis for some vegetables and olives. There was a new girl on the deli counter who was keen to dispense olives so I ended up with nearly a kilo for my 500gms requested. The woman who often serves me and knows what I want, pointed this out to her as she walked by on another errand. I like olives so it matters little and they keep well in the fridge.

The power was off and the generator running as I left the camping so I returned directly in case there were problems with things restarting. As it happened, the power wasn’t off for too long so the UPSs kept everything going. I passed by Francesco and family on the way and we discussed a number of things including testing out his boat motor to see how much power it drains from the battery. The plan is to put the outboard into a large container of water to run it whilst measuring it. There is a large container for testing the outboards but I’ve yet to find it. Maybe Manolis has an idea.

I released and fed dogs, made tea and then the DDs which have yet to be processed. I went up to the office to collect a parcel and ended up enjoying the aircon for a while. I asked Maria how she might feel about customers prepaying their stays and checking themselves it. I felt that she might have far fewer phone calls if there was a booking website. She confirmed that 80% of payments were by card which has always been a hangup for Georgia as she likes cash for obvious reasons. We also talked about minimum stay in August suggesting that five should be the minimum number of nights allowed. I explained that so much time is taken up wIth pointless phone conversations and admin which could better be spent actually with the customers welcoming them and dealing with those unwilling to book or pay online. Everyone else could check in and out themselves and pay for their stay when they make the reservation. They could always extend their reservation or get a refund if there’s a change of plans. It’s really not rocket science. The fact that Maria is showing an interest is a great step forward…

The package I went to the office for contained some elastic cord to make bungees for the sun blockers. I’ve now fastened down the west sun blocker which no longer flaps around in the breeze.

I have new neighbours who appear to like loud music. Fortunately, it’s of a genre I don’t mind however I suspect they will be shut down my Michaelis before very long. I’d better get some food from the kitchen and move along with the DDs.

I woman approached via the neighbour’s drive asking if I could fix her laptop. Friends of Georgia staying in T1. I don’t have much experience of Windows 11 especially in Greek so it’s hard to find my way around. I resorted to basic commands which are always in English so could see the reason why, even though the laptop was connected to the WiFi, there was no Internet access. The problem occurs when the network is busy which it certainly is today. The router/WiFi access point which I installed for Litsa and Manolis decided it wanted to hand out network addresses for some reason. The problem is that the information applies to the WiFi network in their area and not for the remainder of the network. Consequently, a device can join the WiFi but not access the Internet if it’s given incorrect information by their router. I went up to see them and swapped over their fancy device for a lot less fancy one which appears, so far to behave much better than the other.

I ended up with two laptops. One from Georgia’s friends, the other from some regular customers. All working now so everyone’s happy.

I hadn’t yet put on the doggy rice so their DDs got a little postponed and was very hot when they finally got to eat it. They look a lot longer to eat it this evening for some reason.

I think Maria must be taking drugs as she remains cheerful at the end of yet another sixteen-hour day. She was telling me we have spawned another group of young French people. In fact, I think I might have been instrumental in helping to arrange that booking.

The camping just got busy again..

A warm and calm start leading to quite a hot and humid day. The ‘feels like’ temperature was over 40ºC


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